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HELP! Am I possibly pregnant?

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shadow7uk Sun 10-Mar-19 20:36:13

I think I can see a faint line, the clear blue instructions state it doesn't matter how faint the line is. What do you think?

MrsH497 Sun 10-Mar-19 20:45:46

I can see a very very faint line

Yakadee Sun 10-Mar-19 20:46:15

I can see a line and it does look to have colour. Is this not the result you want?
I'd try a pink dye test to be sure x

shadow7uk Sun 10-Mar-19 20:51:33

Thank you, this is something we definitely want, we just don't want to get our hopes up too soon.

butterflykiss00 Sun 10-Mar-19 21:16:07

I see a line too ❤️

MrsRLM Mon 11-Mar-19 10:58:46

Looks very faint but its there. What DPO are you?

shadow7uk Mon 11-Mar-19 13:38:29

Took 2 more tests this afternoon

We are so happy!!!!

Yakadee Mon 11-Mar-19 13:54:54

Congratulations 🎉

butterflykiss00 Mon 11-Mar-19 19:13:24


Mrsmummy90 Mon 11-Mar-19 20:24:11

Congratulations!! Xx

Rosie2531 Mon 11-Mar-19 20:38:18

Congratulations! Defo see those lines!

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