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Feels like my body is being really cruel

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jiggsymalone Sun 10-Mar-19 17:20:54

DH and I have been TTC since last August. Since the beginning of last year I have been using the Ovia app to track my periods. My cycle has always been 28/29 days and 3 days long. The last few months my period has come late, appearing just as soon as I start to become hopeful that this could be the month. In January it didn't really come at all, instead a few days later than my period would usually come I had very light spotting for 5 days. This month my period was due last Tuesday. I did a test on Friday which was negative. Today I have spotting, almost next to none but it's definitely there.
I know these things probably happened before TTC but I just didnt notice it but it just feels horrible and confusing and like my body is playing tricks on me.
Anyone else noticed anything similar since TTC?

MrsRLM Sun 10-Mar-19 19:54:36

Since TTC I've noticed that I get some sharp cramping around 5-7 DPO. I've never noticed it before but our first month TTC I was optimistic about implantation, then I realised that I was getting it every month sad

SareBear87 Sun 10-Mar-19 21:28:20

Same here, my cycle is always 28 days, and I mean ALWAYS since I started tracking in 2016. We’ve been ttc since Oct last year and I’ve had similar things you’ve experienced. AF was due yesterday and today no sign (cd29), but I got a BFN on this mornings test - cruel is not the word!

I’m putting mine down to joining the over 30’s club!

FoggyDay58 Sun 10-Mar-19 21:33:00

Yes, I had this. Convinced myself I was pregnant to the extent I didn't believe negative pregnancy tests or indeed that the beginning of my period meant I wasn't pregnant. Had all sorts of "symptoms" and obsessively googled them. It was so heartbreaking to have to accept that for yet another month (it took us 12) it hadn't worked. Lots of sympathy - the human brain is powerful, but also cruel to women in this position, and I really hope it works out for you soon . flowers

jiggsymalone Sun 10-Mar-19 22:33:10

I feel like that's exactly what I'm doing right now. Because I haven't had an actual full blown period yet and just some spotting I'm having to fight against the creeping 'maybe...' thoughts. I've been googling spotting and missed periods and coming across loads of posts from women who have had the same thing, the majority seem to get their period shortly after but I get drawn to the far fewer number of posts where the woman who have later found out they were pregnant and think 'that could be me'. I know it's not though, just wish my body wouldn't play games and would just give me a proper period so I can let go of that last little bit of hope that's sticking in my mind.

jiggsymalone Mon 11-Mar-19 06:51:19

Period came this morning. It sucks but at least I know that's it now. I had some really stressful things happen last week so that could have been why it was so late.

Teaonthebedsheets Mon 11-Mar-19 07:14:48

I am sorry this wasn't the month for you. I've noticed the same as you this month. I've always had a 29 day cycle, regular as rain. Today is day 31 and no period but only negative tests. I was feeling hopeful this morning before taking them but now just waiting for the inevitable.

Peachypusheen Mon 11-Mar-19 10:11:07

I think My body hates me too. Im only on my first cycle TTC, so im new to all this. I feel like ive got loads of the symptoms:sore nips, light cramps, super emotional , nausea and loads of headaches , im still in the TWW but ive had this in the past( when we werent ttc) when i felt this and thought i might be pregnany and then it was nothing. Its driving me mad cuz im trying not to get my hopes up but feel like im obsessing. Any tips for surviving the TWW?confused

Tchelsea Mon 11-Mar-19 10:40:21


I'm having this too... Before we started trying, I never really had period symptoms... my periods would come and go with not a problem, not a pain... Nothing!

Now I have every symptom under the sun and it's torture... We're on cycle number 3 and it's just a constant barage of my body sending me things to make me think I have hope! DH is starting to think I'm slightly insane sad

Peachypusheen Mon 11-Mar-19 11:12:36

I know its like i never normally get sore nipples or headaches as pms symptoms but the cramps and nausea are normal for me (suspected PCOS but cant seem to a get a dr to actually diagnose it) and the tearfullness and moodswings is a bit early on to be pms. But at the same time om wondering if im just like it cuz im looking into everything too much. DH seems to think im too consumed by it and need a hobby lol. He gets frustrated cuz all of a sudden im crying my eyes out and he doesnt know what to do.

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