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Early BFP and progesterone

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Thumbellini Sun 10-Mar-19 12:56:29

Thank you! Fingers crossed for you and I sincerely hope all goes well x

WishingonaStar77 Sun 10-Mar-19 12:20:37

Thanks thumbellini, i think I'll start them just in case it sticks! Good luck getting your bfp x

Thumbellini Sun 10-Mar-19 11:47:03

Yeah I'd start the progesterone now, I have the same advice, just waiting on the BFP. I was also told to put them in rectally as they can cause an orange discharge that freaks people out if inserted vaginally. Good luck

WishingonaStar77 Sun 10-Mar-19 11:03:49

Hi Ladies, im 10dpo and got a BFP this morning. I've been spotting since 6dpo which I thought was very early for my period. Anyway I'm still spotting red blood no cramps and mainly just when I go to the toilet.

I've taken this as implantation bleed or the start of an early miscarriage but either way my last pregnancy (ended in blighted ovum at 8 weeks) I was given progesterone suppositories to take straight away because I have a history of miscarriage.

What I wanted to ask is whether I should start my suppositories now even though I am still spotting and it might be a chemical?

Thanks in advance x

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