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Question - TTC after a miscarriage

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Keyboard91 Sun 10-Mar-19 08:10:23

TTC first baby. I had a miscarriage on February 10th at nearly 6 weeks. We actually got a bfn on Feb 3rd before I bled. We decided to TTC straight away (with GP backing).

I’ve started what I’m assuming is my first period today, 2 days later than anticipated, and I poas to check as I bled with my last pregnancy and it was a bfn so I don’t think I’m pregnant.

However I’ve had symptoms in the lead up to this that are not my usual PMS symptoms but were signs of my pregnancy last time. Particularly breasts, nausea, crying for no reason, and cramps over the last 2 weeks on and off. To the point I’ve poas the last 7 mornings straight.

Is this my ‘new normal’ PMS or is the first cycle after a miscarriage just a weird one?

Any positive stories about TTC after a miscarriage would also be appreciated also ❤️


Coffeeandcake1 Sun 10-Mar-19 16:39:37

Hi, sorry I dont have any advice but Im in the same situation so would also like to hear from others.
I miscarried on the 14th Feb at 6 weeks and have ttc again this month. Im due AF on Tuesday, have had sore breasts and some nausea (never had this previously before af) but bfn when Ive poas, Im not sure what to think at the moment! Kinda still hoping for a bfp but previously have had bfp at 9 or 10dpo and Im now 12dpo and not even a faint line to be seen confused

Raincart2017 Sun 10-Mar-19 17:56:45

I'm joining with a similar experience I MC 16th Feb at 7+2 weeks with our 1st after trying for 17 months. I'm so glad we can get pregnant after both me and DH having all the tests done to be told there's nothing obvious. I'm normally a 28/29 day cycle so AF is due next Saturday 16th March. I ovulated later than normal as I had EWCM on what would have been CD20 so thinking my AF will be delayed! So not sure when I should test as I really want a BFP!!

Sorry for your losses 🌹

minime2017 Sun 10-Mar-19 18:39:45

Sorry for your loss Keyboard. I had a mc last year and since then my pre af symptoms have changed to echo those of early pregnancy. Since I lost the baby, I get sore breasts from ovulation until period. I develop terrible back ache and am often very emotional. I also get a horrid taste in my mouth. All in all, I seem to get all the things I user to look out for when hoping for a bfp.

Raincart2017 Sun 10-Mar-19 19:55:54

@Minime2017 wow thank you for that it's good to know that it may not be the same symptoms as last time. I bet it's also very frustrating too! Fingers crossed for you x

workinprogressmum Sun 10-Mar-19 20:07:06

Sorry for your loss sad I had a MC in January and got sore boobs etc after / during ovulation since. My AF is due in a week and have had some cramping yesterday / today. Trying not to get hopes up. I hope you get your bfp soon smile

Raincart2017 Tue 12-Mar-19 19:58:17

Evening lovely ladies how are we all feeling? I'm getting symptoms similar to when I got my BFP and I'm so confused on if I should trust them or not!

Based on my old cycle AF is due on Saturday but I don't know if I should assume it will be then or just assume it will come the following week!

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