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No Symptoms?

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MrsRLM Sun 10-Mar-19 06:59:48

Hey all, how common are the common early pregnancy symptoms? I.e. sore boobs? I don't have them but nearly every BFP post I read has sore boobs. Just wondering how quickly I can rule a month out if Im not seeing any of the big common ones.

Littlefrog99 Sun 10-Mar-19 07:05:42

For me sore boobs were the very first symptom for my 1st pregnancy, starting from about 2 weeks after conception. The same cannot be said for my 2nd pregnancy though, extreme bloating followed by nausea kicked in around the 6 week mark and no soreness at all.

BettyBe Sun 10-Mar-19 07:11:25

I normally get sore boobs straight away after ovulation. I just got a bfp yesterday ( waited til I was about 5 days late). My boobs didn't hurt straight away so I actually wondered if I had actually ovulated. I had an eye twitch under my right eye from about 7 days post ovulation. Not sure if that is connected to bfp but was very annoying!

Samind Sun 10-Mar-19 07:12:50

I had none til about 19 weeks when I felt her move. Then I got everything in third trimester 😂😂

HeartvsHead Sun 10-Mar-19 07:14:30

Not a single thing. Turned up to my 12 week scan expecting them to laugh at me for wasting their time for not actually being pregnant. A big bump was my only symptom throughout!

Arowana Sun 10-Mar-19 07:15:52

I didn't get sore boobs, or any other recognisable symptoms (except a bit of a tummy ache) until after getting a BFP.

VenusStarr Sun 10-Mar-19 07:19:18

I recently got my bfp and I didn't have any symptoms. The only thing I noticed was that I felt in a great mood and not my usual grumpy pms. I thought there was no chance as I have zero symptoms. On the day af was due I had slight heartburn but nothing really of note. Am 6+1 now and my boobs are more tender but I've had worse in the tww previously.

HenSolo Sun 10-Mar-19 07:20:26

Didn’t have any symptoms at all until about 8 weeks so wouldn’t discount the month yet!

TheFatberg Sun 10-Mar-19 07:53:46

No sore boobs here. Occasionally I've felt nauseous but nothing major.

kittycat01 Sun 10-Mar-19 07:57:07

My first sign before a BFP was tiredness! Like getting home from work and wanting to nap on the sofa at 7pm which was out of the ordinary for me! I was also anxious and moody! The sore boobs didn't happen until about 6/7 weeks pregnant!

MissSmith80 Sun 10-Mar-19 17:52:12

My only symptom until about 6 weeks was a definite need to eat and drink healthily. 2 weeks after conception I went shopping - filled my trolley with fruit, veg, lean meat, didn't even think about the booze aisle. It was very odd but I knew that moment.

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