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Is my partner pregnant

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Rebecca0605 Sun 10-Mar-19 05:15:01

Hi my partner and I think she may be pregnant so we done a test yesterday and we have a very faint line in the window. I was wondering if any one could advise if it is the case or not?

Rebecca0605 Sun 10-Mar-19 05:24:23

For some reason I'm not able to post the picture of the test

legalseagull Sun 10-Mar-19 05:54:58

You got a positive pregnancy test, what more proof do you need???


Mrsmummy90 Sun 10-Mar-19 05:55:41

You can't post pictures until you've been a member for over 24 hours.

Any line (if it has colour) means that HCG (the pregnancy hormone) has been detected so yes, she is pregnant. 😊
Give it a couple of days and test again as the HCG will have doubled.

Decormad38 Sun 10-Mar-19 05:56:21

It depends on the brand of test doesn’t it? Some have two lines, some go different colours. Just get a test kit that actually says ‘pregnant ‘ on if you can’t read the info sheet?

cranstonmanor Sun 10-Mar-19 06:41:32

What do the instructions say? A line, however faint, in the right place within the time mentioned (mostly within 5 minutes of taking the test) is a positive. You're not a little bit pregnant, either you are or you're not.

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