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HSG Test - Those who have had it...

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MapleAndCats Sun 10-Mar-19 02:04:31

I have mine on Tuesday and am feeling a bit anxious. What is it actually like? Any advice?
I will be taking naproxen an hour before and starting an antibiotic the day before. I once had a a doctor tell me it’s ‘extremely painful’ and am a bit concerned.
Thanks in advance,

Nat6999 Sun 10-Mar-19 02:37:55

I had one in 2007, hardly felt anything, I took Nurofen plus before I had it done. The only thing I felt was a tiny pinch like pain when they put the dye in, they had to put the tube in twice because I sneezed & it shot out. When the test was finished & I got off the bed I had to run to the toilet because the liquid was running down my legs, make sure you take a pad to wear afterwards.

CheckMatte Sun 10-Mar-19 09:54:37

It was slightly uncomfortable but wouldn't say it was the worst pain ever, also only takes around 5 minutes.
I also could see on a screen the dye going through to my tubes and luckily both were clear!

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