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TTC, just took ovulation test...confused why its negative?

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Luckylola12 Sat 09-Mar-19 20:13:27

So im not very good at all any of this! I think my cycle is 39 days? Im counting from start date of af to start of next one right? So according to the ovulation test sheet i should be ovulating now, but the result was negative? Very confused and getting a bit down now =( any advice very greatfull!

EC22 Sat 09-Mar-19 20:53:01

Sometimes it’s tricky to catch, you need to test more than just once, sometimes more than once per day, especially if you’re using cheap tests.

Wanderer1 Sat 09-Mar-19 21:05:13

As pp said - expect to use many ovulation tests per cycle. I normally start about day 14 (I have 38/39 day cycles too) and test every other day till they start to get darker then everyday till I get a positive. Don’t forget to test in the afternoon not the morning like pregnancy tests require. Good luck

SleepingStandingUp Sat 09-Mar-19 21:10:20

What ovulation sticks are you using? Just the yes/no ones or the rising/peak/no ones?
Like the others have said, you need to test on more than one day, start earlier in case you ovulate early and keep testing up to your period in case you ovulate late

Luckylola12 Sat 09-Mar-19 21:43:20

Thankyou everyone! Yes im just using the basic yes/no ones! Ill keep trying, just gets frustrating but must keep going!

RosettaR Sat 09-Mar-19 22:22:21

I also find, to get a positive I have to drink very little in the hours before the test. Generally you're advised to stay well hydrated for ttc, but if I do I never get a positive. I stopped using them for this reason. Other people don't seem to have this problem though!

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