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Bleeding advice

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tri2mum Fri 08-Mar-19 19:41:03


I had a mc in Dec at around 7 weeks, and since then have had a couple of regular periods at CD 30 & 32 and me and the DH have been TTC since Dec. However this month I started with a lightish bleed last night which is CD 23. As we all would, I hoped this was implantation bleeding but it has become slightly heavier during today but not as heavy as my normal AF but I have passed a couple of small clots the last couple of loo breaks (sorry if tmi).

Has anyone else experienced something similar, do people think I'm getting my hopes up by thinking if the bleeding stops in the next day I should POAS or should I take it as just my body playing tricks this month.

This TTC business is driving my crazy...

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