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Should I expect the same symptoms

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Wanderer1 Thu 07-Mar-19 21:24:48

Two cycles ago I had a chemical. From a few days after conception I really suspected I was pregnant. Before missed AF I had headaches, daily bouts of nausea, over a week of abdominal aches, and spots - all unusual for me. I got a BFP at 15dpo but bled about 5 days later.

I’m now wondering if I should expect the same symptoms if I conceive again or if it can be different each time? Currently 7dpo and trying not to symptom spot (I don’t really have any anyway).

Can anyone who has been pregnant a couple of times advise?

Mrsmummy90 Thu 07-Mar-19 23:51:18

So sorry to hear about your losses thanks

Each pregnancy is different so yes, you could have completely different symptoms each time.

With my dd, I had hyperemesis and could barely keep anything down but my mental health was great.

With this pregnancy, I've only been sick a handful of times and haven't felt nauseated that much but my mental health has taken a hit.

I hope you get your bfp xxx

Wanderer1 Fri 08-Mar-19 00:09:46

Thanks for your reply. I’m not very sad really, very practical person with a biological background so understand these things happen.

Really interesting that symptoms differ - I guess I’m just expecting to feel the same so definitely shouldn’t try to symptom spot this cycle!

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