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Is this a bit faint for 14dpo?

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Sessy19 Sun 10-Mar-19 06:43:55

You really need to test with FMU, so I’d retest tomorrow

Bigonesmallone3 Sat 09-Mar-19 11:32:54

Is the latest with a fmu?

keepforgettingmyusername Sat 09-Mar-19 11:28:10

This is today's test, 16 dpo. I'm not sure it's looking good.

Jinglebells321 Thu 07-Mar-19 21:45:58

Looks like a clear positive! Congratulations

So many things can affect the strength of the line - the sensitivity of the rest, how concentrated your urine was.

You can keep testing every few days to see if it darkens for reassurance

Sizeofalentil Thu 07-Mar-19 19:01:28

I don't think mine ever got as dark as the control line. And my baby is right here.

LKRJM Thu 07-Mar-19 18:59:43

Sorry thought I’d posted it

LKRJM Thu 07-Mar-19 18:57:15

Yeah looks exactly the same. This is mine 19dpo - still not as dark as the control line! And I’m 6+2 now x

keepforgettingmyusername Thu 07-Mar-19 18:33:59

Thanks for the reply! It's a Clear and Simple one from B&M. But they could all be made in the same factory sort of thing. That is reassuring thank you smile

LKRJM Thu 07-Mar-19 17:46:07

If that is a Willos or Morrison’s test they took ages to get as dark as the control line in my case so wouldn’t worry! About a week after my missed period?

keepforgettingmyusername Thu 07-Mar-19 15:41:20

So obviously it's a good line but I'm really nervous as have had 3 miscarriages and none of my tests with them really darkened up. Is this too faint for 14 dpo? Be honest I can handle it!

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