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Can somebody help me

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Hannah4993 Thu 07-Mar-19 14:58:39

I believe I am 6w5d pregnant based on my lmp.
However, an early scan today shows I’m only about 4 and a half weeks. I got a positive test almost 3 weeks ago and I know the date of conception was the 1st February as that is the only day I saw my partner this cycle due to working away.

How can I only be 4 and a half weeks if I know when I dtd and I got my first positive test so long ago. Thanks in advance

raindropsinspring Thu 07-Mar-19 19:25:39

Have you been testing for when you ovulate? It is possible for sperm to live up to 6 days so even though you only had sex once you might not have conceived until 6 days later! Also some embryos take longer to implant - some don't implant until 12 days post ovulation - so if you take both those factors together it could make you a lot earlier in your pregnancy than you think?
Have you had your HCG levels tested?

Hannah4993 Thu 07-Mar-19 20:01:00

Thank You. No they’ve not tested hcg levels. They just said to go back in 12 days for a rescan. The only way I’ve tested hcg was with the clearblue digital which changed from 1-2 weeks (2 weeks ago) to 2-3 weeks (last week)

raindropsinspring Thu 07-Mar-19 20:06:26

I would maybe test again to see if it will
Now show 3+ on the Clearblue? (But I'm a compulsive tester for everything 😬!)
If you can't wait 12 days I would see about getting private hcg tests done? They are usually only around £50 a time and space them out over a couple of days to see if your hcg is doubling normally?

Hannah4993 Thu 07-Mar-19 21:39:21

I’ll look into that thank you. I did do another digital yesterday which still showed 2-3 but you could also see the 3+ very faintly. Not sure if that was supposed to happen though

raindropsinspring Thu 07-Mar-19 21:51:17

That's odd I've never seen that.....

Kinsters Fri 08-Mar-19 02:29:26

If you're sure of your dates then tbh I wouldn't be feeling too confident that the pregnancy will progress. I really hope everything works out fine for you though.

What did they see to date you at 4.5 weeks? Did they say they saw a gestational sac but no foetal pole or something like that?

Justagirlwholovesaboy Fri 08-Mar-19 02:32:58

So sorry op but this doesn’t sound good, could you book an earlier scan?

MapleAndCats Fri 08-Mar-19 03:56:39

Doctors calculate your pregnancy date based on day of the cycle you conceived, so day 1 of your period. So it makes sense you would be six weeks along instead of your calculated 4 as ovulation is typically on cycle day 14.
Hope this helps.

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