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Late Period and negative test

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Mumsy4724 Wed 06-Mar-19 17:20:11

Hi I has a still birth in Nov and me an my partner have started trying again it is now 2 weeks past when I should have come on but still nothing and have 4 neg tests is it likly my periods still trying to get back to normal or is ther a chance I could still be preg even with the neg tests

smitch82 Wed 06-Mar-19 17:33:16

I have the same issue, day 48 of cycle and no sign of AF.

I feel nauseated, tired, cramping and spotty but I feel like that from AF (minus the feeling sick). I had a really light brown discharge (tmi) this morning so thought it was here but nothing since then!

I am putting mine down to coming off the pill in Jan and my body just getting back in the flow. I have a drs appointment on Monday to discuss if AF hasn't arrived as she mentioned having a scan.

Mumsy4724 Wed 06-Mar-19 18:17:53

Ye I'm bloated, tired all the time, gettin spots, starting to feel sick some mornings but feel like it could all just be in my head coz I really want to be keep goin the toilet expecting af to have come hahahaha this waiting around is so frustrating I just want to know either way

Charsw Wed 06-Mar-19 18:23:30

Same - CD38, negative tests. Had miscarriages last year - the last of which was also in Nov, and my cycles range between 28-35 days (never been more than 35 before) how regular are yours?

Mumsy4724 Wed 06-Mar-19 18:37:30

I had my first one 4 weeks after then the next was 5 weeks after that now this one is 6 weeks this is the first time mine have ever gone funny even after my 3 kids and my misscarriage they went back to normal strait away

smitch82 Wed 06-Mar-19 19:09:22

I have never really tracked mine before so think it might just be they were always weird and I didn't know 😂

This is my first time TTC I have never wanted a BFP before and I think that being late in my cycle is just messing with my head. I either want to have my AF so I can crack on it know I am pregnant!

smitch82 Thu 07-Mar-19 14:53:55

AF arrived. At least we can really start TTC now 😊

Hope you are getting on ok.

Mumsy4724 Thu 07-Mar-19 16:53:49

Aww sorry you not prego but at least u know now an can get on with the baby makin 😉 af is still a no show for me and the tiredness is killing me off haha needs to make its mind up so I know an can get on with it lol

smitch82 Thu 07-Mar-19 19:38:30

I am fine with it as we haven't officially started trying yet!

Are you planning to a test?

Mumsy4724 Thu 07-Mar-19 20:10:13

That's not to bad then🙂 an I'm going to go and buy some more tomoz and see what they say I took my last one on Tuesday will see if I can get some early response ones they wer all out of stock last time I went everyone must be trying at the min 😂😂

smitch82 Fri 08-Mar-19 18:00:42

Good luck and fingers crossed 🤞🏻

Mumsy4724 Sat 09-Mar-19 09:22:36

So looks like our little angel winter has sent us a gift ❤️ excited but can feel the anxiety kicking in already hopefully u will get your bfp next ☺️

Turlet Sat 09-Mar-19 11:20:01

That’s such lovely news. Congratulations to you. Your little angel has been watching over you xx My sister had a stillbirth and she went on to have 4 healthy babies afterwards.

Best of luck to you.
Mind yourself and be gentle with yourself xx

Sessy19 Sun 10-Mar-19 06:47:21

My goodness, I am so sorry for your loss

But massive congratulations for the BFP 🌈💐

smitch82 Mon 11-Mar-19 10:11:00

This is amazing news!!! Massive congratulations.

My friend also lost her baby and has 3 more beautiful children.

Hope all goes well and congratulations again xxx

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