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CD 38, missed period, negative pregnancy test

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Charsw Wed 06-Mar-19 16:41:54

My cycles are on average 32 days long - never more than 35 (but do fluctuate between 28 and 35 days a lot.)
This month I noticed EWCM on CD21 and CD23 - had sex both days. Now my period is late, but I’m getting negatives. Anyone experienced similar? Is there still a chance I might be pregnant, or should I just hope period comes soon, and write this month off? Might it be that I’ve just not got built up enough hGC yet? Should I wait a bit longer?

Feeling a bit hopeless after 3 losses in the last 18 months and just want this to work x

Charsw Wed 06-Mar-19 16:45:26

Should probably add I’ve been feeling cramps for the last 4 days, boobs are sore, super hormonal and wet discharge but no sign of AF yet.

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