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TTC & due to OV around the 22nd March? Come on in!

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WildFlower2019 Wed 06-Mar-19 08:05:48

Decided to set up a thread for ladies due to ovulate some time around the 22nd March. If you're due to OV around this time, come on in!

I find these easier to follow than the big month-long threads.

Thought we could all test at similar times, discuss our crazy symptom spotting, and all the other "fun" around TTC.

You're doubly welcome if you're a POaS addict like me grin

About me:
This will be cycle 5 after TFMR last year.
TTC our first

I've tried conceive plus, preseed, all manner of ovulation kits, etc.

This month I'm going to focus on losing half a stone. I've put a lot of weight on since my TFMR. I think i could be disadvantaging myself. I'm also going to cut down on caffeine throughout the who cycle.

I've also bought the Harvard medical school Fertility Diet book, all backed up with science so I'll let you all know how I get on with it.

Here's a summary if anybody interested:

pinacollama Wed 06-Mar-19 17:57:15

Hi, I’d love to join you!

First I just want to say sorry for your loss last year, that must be heartbreaking.

I’m 32, I’m on cycle 15, TTC our first baby. It’s mentally draining. I had a chemical pregnancy last month, and found out a couple of weeks ago I have polycystic ovaries. I don’t fit the classic pattern of symptoms though, and am pretty sure I’m ovulating regularly as my periods come every 31-35 days. My bloods were all normal, though I think at 30 my progesterone is borderline. I’m waiting for appointments with gynae and the fertility clinic. My husband’s semen analysis was normal

I’ve gone a bit wild with supplements and take so many. I’m on my second cycle trying agnus castus, and had my 3rd weekly acupuncture session yesterday. I also bought an ava bracelet and have used it for a cycle so far...I find it much easier to keep track of my temps than a thermometer.

I’m interested in exploring the fertility diet - I feel we eat relatively healthily but could definitely do better!!

Jeds55 Wed 06-Mar-19 19:02:42

Hiya Wildflower,
I'm due to ovulate a couple of days after you so am in (although still a tiny bit hopeful for this month but did only dtd once during fw)...
About me:
ttc number 2
March will be cycle 3 (first preg took 11 months to get bfp then mc, then 4cycles
to conceive daughter, so aware that it could take a while...)
Promised my partner I wouldn't get so crazily obsessed with ttc this time round but can feel the crazy creeping back in...Also not sure my partner as keen as me to try for a second so that coupled with my age not a good combo as feel the urgency already... Anyway, hopefully this thread brings us all luck

Jeds55 Wed 06-Mar-19 19:07:17

Sorry, not sure what TFMR is but from the context I can tell a loss. x
Hiya Pina, sorry for your loss too. I agree it is so mentally draining and all consuming x

crazychemist Wed 06-Mar-19 19:51:54

Hey there, reckon I’ll be Ov about then, possibly a couple of days before, but I’m not completely regular so not certain.

About me:
Ttc#2 (DD1 is 2.5, ttc would be much easier if she would stay asleep reliably!!!)
March is cycle 3 (although cycle 2 may have been something that became nothing)
Trying to pretend that it’s no big deal even though sooooo many people at work are asking if I’d like a 2nd one. Determined not to use OPK unless we get past cycle 8 to avoid spiralling into insanity and obsession grin

deathbycats Wed 06-Mar-19 19:58:41

Hi there! I'm due to Ov around the 22nd/23rd if all goes smoothly with my cycle this month. I've been posting on other threads about my anomalous cycle last month (delayed O due to losing too much weight too quickly), but I'm around 29-30 days every other month and I'll be using OPKs to keep track of it.

Sorry for your previous loss WildFlower flowers

This is my first proper cycle, TTC#3 (third and final) and I'm 29. Trying to stay chilled out about this cycle. The first two were very luckily conceived relatively easily and I'm hoping that run of luck keeps up.

WildFlower2019 Thu 07-Mar-19 14:06:11

Welcome @PinaCollama sorry about your CP, that must have been so disheartening… I can imagine it’s mentally draining as you say. A rollercoaster of emotions! I’m glad your test results are at least giving you some information and hopefully the clinic will be able to give you an action plan. I’ve heard good things about fertility acupuncture too. Good luck!

Welcome @Jeds55! I am also “a tiny bit hopeful for this month” as AF is not here yet! I had expected her today (the day is far from over though….) Love how you can “feel the crazy creeping back in”. Hahah Just let it all out in this thread, I won’t judge you. I’m just as bad!

TMFR stands for terminating for medical reasons. Sadly, at our 12 week scan, we were told our baby had a condition that was “not compatible with life”. We were given a choice to carry on and let him pass naturally or to terminate. We chose the latter after lots of research and chat with the doctor because we felt it was kinder.

I wouldn’t worry about your age, I asked the consultant about this and she told me not to even think about it until I hit 40/early 40s. As long as you’re healthy otherwise.

Hello @CrazyChemist and welcome. Love your username! I must admit, I wasn’t going to use OPKs but some months, I have ovulated earlier than my app predicted! I think it’s due to my spotting before periods and whether the app counts that as day one. So the results get skewed. I also wasn’t producing as much CM as before my last pregnancy (sorry if that’s TMI) so I wasn’t able to track that way. Anyway, you can get a pack of really cheap ones from HomeHealth on eBay and Amazon. I think it’s like £5 for a months worth. Might be an option if you’re ever unsure. x

Hello @DeathByCats … I always try to stay chilled out but end up like a lunatic in the few days before AF is due to be honest!!! Obsessing over every little shadow on a test, or Googling any pregnancy/testing question that pops into my mind…

Jeds55 Thu 07-Mar-19 14:33:00

Wildflower can't imagine how difficult that must have been flowers
Are you going to test today/tomo if no AF? I've had constipation (Sorry tmi) so convincing myself it's an early symptom, not due until next Tues/Weds. It's probably due to the lack of veg I've eaten this week in reality. Also want to lose weight so if no bfp will concentrate on that.

Jeds55 Thu 07-Mar-19 14:35:59

Crazy my daughter 1 this month and people are already asking us about a secondhmm

WildFlower2019 Thu 07-Mar-19 15:39:50

@Jeds55 I did my last internet cheapie this morning and BFN. I did an OPK and it was positive though. No idea why... I know it means nothing either way. Hahaha.

I could walk to Tesco and buy another pregnancy test. That's a surefire way to bring on AF! I just want to know either way now. This is the hardest part. Lots of negative tests but AF still not here yet, so you're clinging on to any bit of hope.

My niece has just turned one and my mum and I were wondering if a second has crossed my DB & SIL's mind! Hahaha. I wouldn't dare ask but I'm sure she did recently!

WildFlower2019 Fri 08-Mar-19 08:42:00

Still no AF. Not getting my hopes up! It was technically due yesterday, but sometimes my cycles are a day or two out of whack, so this isn't out of character. I'm now 15dpo.

I've run out of pregnancy tests this morning. DH says if there's nothing by the time he gets home from work, he'll pick up some for me.

I had possibly the squintiest of squinters on an IC last night (last one, found at the back of a cupboard!) but DH thinks the test was too flooded to start with and took a long time to dry so we must discount it. I only did it after a 3-hour hold too.

I just think if I WAS pregnant, my tests would show blazing positives by now! And the FRERs would have picked something up earlier this week.

I'm sure AF will be here any minute...

I might go pee on my last remaining ovulation test to scratch the itch so to speak. Girl's gotta have a hobby, right?

I just want to know one way or the other!

WildFlower2019 Fri 08-Mar-19 08:46:33

I can't make it up! I hit publish on my post and go for a wee and literally, it looks like AF has started.

Ah well. Not long til the next FW now!


Kinsters Fri 08-Mar-19 09:10:36

Hello, I'm due to ovulate around 19-21st March! TTC no. 1 after a chemical in October, a MC at 8 weeks in December and a chemical last cycle. Really hoping for better luck this cycle.

DH is away until 21 March so I'm hoping I'll be ovulating later rather than sooner!

Those who've had chemicals was your next ovulation delayed at all? I started bleeding today at 3+6 (super early!) and I'm hoping it would push my ovulation back a couple of days. It didn't seem to affect my cycle in October but that one was gone even earlier than this one.

Sorry for all the losses on here flowers. It's so hard. I really thought this CP was going to be my rainbow but it's not.

Kinsters Fri 08-Mar-19 09:11:28

WildFlower2019 posting about AF being late is a sure way to get her to show up! Sorry you're back to CD1 though.

deathbycats Fri 08-Mar-19 09:40:15

Wildflower Ah well, roll on the next fertile week. I find that if I'm wanting to bring on a period, suggesting "bonus sex seeing as I'm not on yet" normally does the trick grin

Jeds55 Fri 08-Mar-19 10:19:00

Ahhh sorry Wildflowers it's so hard not to get hopes up isn't it.
Sorry for your losses Kinsters it's sounds like you've had a tough time of it. I've not had a CP so wouldn't know about the Ovulation...hope it falls into sync with dates you want tho.
Deathbycats I think my partner would faint if I offered bonus sex!!

Jeds55 Fri 08-Mar-19 10:25:23

Just had little bit of pink when wiped. Possible Implantation? But then have had this before and came to nothing so trying not to get hopes up (but as we all know I'm actually furiously googling everything there is to know about Implantation).

Coastaldreamer Fri 08-Mar-19 11:59:18


Due to ovulate around 23rd-25th.

Ttc #1
Cycle 2

Here's hoping for a Christmas baby ❤️

AF came yday earlier than usual but don't have a regular cycle so Flo currently saying next Af due 9th April

Good luck ladies x

WildFlower2019 Sat 09-Mar-19 21:06:09

AF in full flow now. I'm oddly ok with it. Onwards and upwards.

DH made an excellent point this morning, which really really cheered me up. If I got pregnant from this cycle onwards, the timing would be brilliant. (Compared to the last few months) so maybe it's meant to be.

This is because DH would be working from home from mid-December 2019 to September 2020. If I got pregnant this cycle, baby would be due in December.

The timing would be marvellous!

So that's something to hold on to.

Welcome @Kinsters and I'm sorry for your losses. 

@deathbycats haha i like that tip. Obvs I won't need to try it because I'll have my BFP 😁

@Jeds55 fingers crossed for you. How many DPO are you and when is AF due?

Welcome @Coastaldreamer! A Christmas baby would be lovely. Oh my gosh I'd get it a little Christmas pudding onesie.

Jeds55 Sun 10-Mar-19 08:58:24

BFN this morning but didn't expect any different as started to get the pre period brown spotting I usually get. Period due Weds but had positive ovulation on clearblue on the Monday so think period will come earlier. If period doesn't come earlier then bit annoyed that the spotting has started earlier than the usual two days before AF. I've heard it can be a sign of low progesterone, had the tests when was trying to conceive my dd and all was fine but suppose anything could have changed.
Coastaldreamer yes, here's hoping for December babies for all.

Jeds55 Sun 10-Mar-19 09:05:44

Wildflowers I find the wait for my period the worst, once it's here I can get over it and look at the positives, e.g, can lose q bit more weight, drink guilt free etc. It does sound like the timing will be perfect for you from this month.

Jeds55 Sun 10-Mar-19 09:07:59

Pina can I ask what the Aha braclet is?

Jeds55 Sun 10-Mar-19 09:08:24

*Ava even!

Michellebops Sun 10-Mar-19 15:14:57

Cd1 today 😢

Ttc #2
Cycle 4 after mmc in October.
Due to ov 23rd March, 27 day cycle

Good luck to everyone 💕

WrexhamBuxom Sun 10-Mar-19 16:58:18

Hello lovely ladies. Let me put it this way...I am shooting for March 22nd or 23rd, but might not make it till then. Crossing my fingers.

About me: 35, Cycle 4, On CD7 currently, TTC#1. So...I am pleasantly plump, we'll say. And, my diet isn't great. It's not horrible either. What I eat isn't too terrible. It's more what I don't eat that's the problem....I just don't have a taste for healthy stuff.

About my cycle: if my pattern follows the usual timing, it would put my LH surge on 3/20. Unfortunately, in the past, due to confusion and complacency, I didn't really temp correctly to figure out exactly WHEN I ovulated: whether it was the day of the surge, the day after, 2 days later, or even at all. My cycle isn't 100% regular, but it's pretty regular, all things considered. There are no obvious signs of fertility issues...weird flows, missed periods, super short LP (assuming I am ovulating near my LH surge date) anything like that.

So, hopefully I can make it to March 22nd, because I won't be able to BD with DF until that date.

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