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Negative test but nearly 30 days late

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LMD2680 Tue 05-Mar-19 20:48:18

Hi, my periods are normally every 28 days. I am now on day 53 with no sign of it. On day 41 I went to the toilet and when I wiped there was a bit of clear discharge with a light pink blood streak in it but nothing else. I tested on day 44 but it was negative and tonight I have tested ( day 53) and again negative. I don't feel pregnant ( never been pregnant so I am clueless). I have never missed a period or been significantly late in my life. I've not lost wait or been stressed or anything and my gynaecologist and smear tests said everything is fine - 5 months ago. Anyone got any ideas? My friend said only buy the cheap tests and so that's what I did. I am 42 so I never expected to be pregnant so we have taken risks ( which we are fine with) but I don't have any menopausal signs.

SuziQ10 Tue 05-Mar-19 21:15:53

It's certainly worth taking another test. Don't go for a cheapy just pick up a first response in the supermarket. Then you'll have your answer. And if it's BFN, might be worth checking in with the doctor incase there is another reason for the lack of period.

LMD2680 Tue 05-Mar-19 21:20:33

Thanks I think I will. We have just been casual about it all but I feel really confused and deflated. Really feel for all the ladies out that who go through this regularly. It's emotionally draining that's for sure. I bought a Waitrose one. Although I don't have any other symptoms except the missed period, I was shocked it was negative.

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