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Clearblue Fertility Monitor

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westerngirl Sat 07-Jul-07 20:20:54

I saw these in Boots today and was wondering if they are any good. Does anyone use (or used) one and if so is it with or instead of opks?

MatNanPlus Sun 08-Jul-07 12:33:28

They don't work if you have poly cystic overies or other problems relating to hormone issues.

cityangel Mon 09-Jul-07 00:00:28

cityangel Mon 09-Jul-07 00:08:32

cityangel Mon 09-Jul-07 00:19:55

Instead of OPKs. It's basically a machine that takes daily OPK readings around the fertile time of your cycle can be up to 10 days of readings. Its a tool that uses reliable OPKs memorizes the pattern and in my experience is a good predictor of the right time.

If you consistently used the same brand OPKs on a daily basis and were very careful to compare them you cold achieve a similar result.

If cost is an issue factor in the initial outlay and you will need a box of tests'ish every other month. I think it's as close a tool as you can find to reliably detect OV but it isn't cheap and ultimately having lots of sex regardless of the predictors is the best way forwards.

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