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Come and share your symptoms with me!

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Crossedfingerscrossedtoes Sun 03-Mar-19 21:54:47

I’m currently anywhere between 9dpo and 16dpo but I don’t know because I don’t know when I ovulated for sure! My cycles can be unpredictable.
Anyway, just want to hear some other symptoms!!
I’ll start
-period is possibly late (based on my most common cycle length which is 32 days)
-period-like cramping really mildly the last few days
-lots of discharge. Milky white. It’s gotten heavier each day
-slightly odd smelling urine
-horrible mood swings (poor DH)
-starving hungry! Absolutely shockingly so!
-a whacky symptom now but very very odd dreams! I never normally get vivid dreams every night that I can remember the next day

Would love to hear other people’s! Hopefully there will be some luck on this thread!

cargghhh Sun 03-Mar-19 21:58:54

Hey! I got my BFP on Thursday and honestly the only symptoms I had was lack of! Every other month I'd get sore boobs, nausea etc but this month absolutely zilch. Now I know possibly feeling more tired and hungry but that could be in my head 😂😂 good luck hope you get your positive this month 🤞🏼🍀

Crossedfingerscrossedtoes Sun 03-Mar-19 22:00:08

Wooo congratulations!! Hope everything goes smoothly for you!!

Lammoshay Sun 03-Mar-19 23:48:44

7dpo here.
Has twinges on 5dpo and stabbing.
Tired today.
Boobs heavy.
Felt very wet down there yesterday day before and sometimes feeling nauseous off an on but not major.
Irritable also 😂🙈😂

Michellebops Mon 04-Mar-19 06:16:59

8dpo and absolutely zero symptoms.
Did have a low pain in my ovaries a few days ago but it's gone.

Not even an inclination to test or waste tests.

Af due Saturday


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