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Is this AF or implantation??

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crunchie12 Sun 03-Mar-19 20:43:34

I was due AF yesterday but only started spotting brown, I then normally start full-flow the next day but I'm still just spotting today. I did a cheap OPK which was positive - so could this be implantation? I thought it was red normally? My cycles are 25/26 days. So strange. Attached OPK.

crunchie12 Sun 03-Mar-19 20:54:36

Forgot to add I did a Boots on version of the FRER Thursday and it was negative.

crunchie12 Sun 03-Mar-19 21:25:39


LKRJM Sun 03-Mar-19 21:53:09

If you were due AF yesterday you could do a test, FRER or a reliable pink dye. GL flowers

Bab1990 Sun 03-Mar-19 22:47:38

@crunchie12 I’m in the same boat, AF is 3 days late and had a tiny bit of brown spotting yesterday but none since also had a very strong positive OPK Friday. Will be testing with fmu with a pregnancy test. Keep us updated. Fingers crossed for uflowers


LKRJM Mon 04-Mar-19 08:02:18

Hi @Bab1990, I’ve seen you on a few posts let us know how you get on! X

crunchie12 Mon 04-Mar-19 08:52:07

AF in full force this am - gutted. Never mind! Good luck @Bab1990 x

Bab1990 Mon 04-Mar-19 13:20:00

Didn’t need to test as AF appeared - devastatedsad
Hopefully next month xx
Baby dust to all

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