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Not sure what to expect... (TTC#1)

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SareBear87 Tue 05-Mar-19 23:53:15

Hmmmmm I guess everyone is different but when I stopped the pill my first few months were super light, then one month they hit Niagara Falls mode before settling down.
I did 14 years on the pill before stopping now AF is as regular and reliable as they come 😊

hiddenfigure Sun 03-Mar-19 20:26:42

Trying to keep it brief

- Came off the pill on Jan 28th
- Had normal monthly ‘period’ afterwards for the normal 5 day duration
- Had a fair amount unprotected sex since (with Husband!)
- Had some withdrawal symptoms since coming off the pill - headaches, cramping, sinus pain, sore back, dizziness - all things I don’t get on a normal period
- Period was scheduled to hit yesterday (according to Flo)
- On Wednesday I started to spot and it has continued since. Yesterday I thought my period was starting as it got a bit heavier and I considered changing to a pad rather than a liner which I have been using. It’s not heavy enough for a pad. But spotting pretty much stopped over night.

Is it just a case of waiting for my normal period to return? Was this the period but just different and light after 10 years on the pill?

I guess no-one knows the answer and in my own head I probably know it’s just going to take time for my body to reguLate again.

This post appears to be a whine rather than a question smile

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