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Line eyes needed

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Turlet Sun 03-Mar-19 12:08:14

Can anyone help me with this please

Does anyone else see anything

Sick with excitement/anticipation/worry!!!

Amyszymm Sun 03-Mar-19 12:08:57

@Turlet I can see it!! How many dpo are you? Xx

TickTockBaby Sun 03-Mar-19 12:10:46

I am defo see it, and it looks pinky. Congrats OP! 🥳

Turlet Sun 03-Mar-19 12:11:18

Thank you so much! I think I'm maybe 6/7, but not 100% sure when I ovulated.

Jesus, is this really happening!!???

Thank you for the reply!

TickTockBaby Sun 03-Mar-19 12:11:31

can see it

miamiibiza Sun 03-Mar-19 12:12:30

I can see a line!

RogueV Sun 03-Mar-19 12:13:31

Congratulations that’s a definite line

sparkling123 Sun 03-Mar-19 12:25:23

Congratulations! Definitely a line!

Turlet Sun 03-Mar-19 13:13:58

Hey guys

Sorry - have to post this again.

Thank you.

CharlesChickens Sun 03-Mar-19 13:15:03

Very clear line there, congratulations !

Turlet Sun 03-Mar-19 13:16:26

Thank you, love your username grin

What the hell do I do now??? This is my first by the way!!

Very excited though :-)

MaverickSnoopy Sun 03-Mar-19 13:20:50

You need to call your surgery for a booking in appointment. Different procedures in different practices so ask what theirs is. Our is gp first. My last was midwife first.

Turlet Sun 03-Mar-19 13:25:24

Thank you, I'll go to see my GP tomorrow.

Work in an unsafe environment also (chemistry), so I'll have to tell them. The nurse last time (MMC) suggested that I be taken out of that area as soon as I get pregnant again - managers won't be too happy but that's not my problem!!

MrsJCJ Sun 03-Mar-19 14:49:59

How do you post photos? I am new. I have a faint positive line on a CB test and I am totally confused! All help appreciated

CharlesChickens Sun 03-Mar-19 14:50:18

Yes, go and chat to the GP and she/he will get the ball rolling.
Is chemistry risky ? Surely they take care with toxic substances ?

CharlesChickens Sun 03-Mar-19 14:51:26

MrsJCJ there is a section below the post box that says “choose file” and allows you to add images.

MrsJCJ Sun 03-Mar-19 14:52:07

Thanks, sorry to jump in.

Turlet Sun 03-Mar-19 15:17:55

Hi @MrsJCJ, you can do it from your phone also, works a little easier that way. Deffo press the 'preview' button before posting as sometimes the pics go a bit wonky.
Best of luck!

@CharlesChickens, yeah some of the stuff we work with can cause harm to the unborn baby so it's really not worth the risk I think. They're a little ambivalent about it in my place though, so I'll have to put the foot down. Especially with the MMC last year. Not taking any chances this time! :-)

MrsJCJ Sun 03-Mar-19 15:30:47

Thanks Turlet, I still couldn’t get it to work so I googled it and apparently you can’t post photos until you’ve been a member for a month and I’ve only just joined. Thanks for help, really appreciated 😄

CharlesChickens Sun 03-Mar-19 15:49:09

MrsJ , if you have a friend wh9 has been a member for longer , then they could post it for you.

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