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Could it be?

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Jinglebells321 Sat 02-Mar-19 23:33:37

Posting here more as an outlet than anything else but after TTC on and off (more on than off) for over 2 years AF is late.

My cycles have always been very regular at 28 days but in the last 6 months AF has been more unpredictable - always a day or 2 (or 3!!) early but never late. I've always put it down to getting older (I'm 37). The last 2 cycles have been more regular though so I thought things were getting back on track.

AF was due on Thursday - always in the morning but it's Saturday night and still no sign. I usually bloat a few days before, get really short tempered and have lower back pain but nothing.

No real symptoms -boobs are a bit tender but the always are these days - maybe slightly more tender than usual. Been feeling a bit run down last 2 days and burping a bit - those horrid sicky burps(this was a symptom of previous pregnancy) but I could be clutching at straws.

Of my 4 pregnancies (3 ended in MC at circa 6 weeks) I never got my BFP even with a FRER until a week after AF was due so almost no point testing til Thursday.

I hate this sitting and waiting! I'm just getting my hopes up but at the same time expecting AF to rock up any minute and dash these hopes!!!

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