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Pre-pregnancy Vitamins

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Ayuree Sat 02-Mar-19 01:34:51

Hi All, I’m struggling to get accessible supplements here in the UK and would appreciate it if you could share what’s best. I would love to try rainbowlight but can’t seem to find a trusted vendor for that brand. Do you also take blue iron liquid? Any recommendations are welcomed. I took Pregnacare but it makes me so bloated. Looking forward to your feedback thanks

MrsRubyMonday Sat 02-Mar-19 01:42:56

I'm about to start the seven seas conception, they have less stuff than the pregnacare but all the main bits are there. They are about £5 in shops but I ordered six months worth on Amazon for £16, they also do the pregnancy ones but you can't bulk order those. I've also heard good things about Tesco own brand or boots but they were more expensive.

Ayuree Sat 02-Mar-19 08:23:43

Thanks. I might try that! I’m 40 and trying IVF. I want to ensure I take adequate supplements.

MrsB899 Sat 02-Mar-19 18:41:30

I've been taking the seven seas trying for a baby vitamins for the last 3 months and for the last two months I've had 28day cycles for the first time ever(normally anything from 30days- 38 days) I've been able to track ovulation easier too. Would highly recommend

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