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Implantation or a freak

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thinkpositive2019 Fri 01-Mar-19 19:58:44

8dpo and 10dpo I had wiped away some pinkish brownish blood discharge no need to pad just a wipe, strange types of cramp on and off and very hard and sensitive nipples during this time,
I'm now 12 dpo and af due Sunday, taken frer past two morning which came back negative,

I'm a emotional wreak, I was at docs today for unrelated app and asked my gp about it, she just advised it's takes 12-24 months to conceive so not to worry.... and to come back if af don't show up, burst into tears and had to leave before I said something I'd regret.

Help I'm losing it

Crazee Fri 01-Mar-19 20:11:08

How long have you been ttc? It’s horrible waiting every month, I get it. But it can take time. How old are you too, age can affect things, as well as how long you should leave it before seeking help

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