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Line eyes??

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DoubtOfTheOrdinary Fri 01-Mar-19 10:40:40

I have a slightly irregular cycle (24-31 days but on average 26) and am currently on day 28 so my app is saying 2 days "late". We only DTD twice this cycle due to crappy shift patterns and DH travelling, and I think both times were after ovulation (although I never get EWCM so it's hard to know). Does this look like an evap line or a positive?? Its a Tesco test; positive is a + sign in the round window. I feel like I can see it but worried I'm imagining it because I want it to be there! Someone talk sense into me confused

olderthanyouthink Fri 01-Mar-19 10:42:08

I think I can see something...

Cherim90 Fri 01-Mar-19 10:42:33

I can see it ❤️

deathbycats Fri 01-Mar-19 10:53:14

Definitely a line there for me 😊

DoubtOfTheOrdinary Fri 01-Mar-19 10:56:25

Oh guys, you're giving me hope! 💜 I did just read on another thread that if any urine splashes into the window it invalidates the test... I can't be certain that didn't happen :/ I'll wait a couple days and try again, maybe with a dipstick type to avoid any drops. Thanks for the encouragement!

fatbottomgirl12 Fri 01-Mar-19 10:56:38

I can see it

OhDiddums Fri 01-Mar-19 10:59:19

I can see a line but I have had false positives on these type of tests before so I would definitely confirm with a frer.

Michellebops Fri 01-Mar-19 11:20:50

I can see something, maybe wait a day or 2 x

Livid21 Fri 01-Mar-19 11:32:20

It's positive but get a FRER.

DoubtOfTheOrdinary Fri 01-Mar-19 17:16:48

Sorry for slow response; I'm on nights so was asleep. What's a FRER?

Michellebops Fri 01-Mar-19 17:30:09

First response early result test

DoubtOfTheOrdinary Fri 01-Mar-19 17:31:06

Ah, of course. I'll try one of those in a couple days if AF doesn't show up.

DoubtOfTheOrdinary Sun 03-Mar-19 21:47:06

Got my BFN today - just gutted 😢 Still no sign of AF, but work's been super stressful and that often throws everything off kilter. Should have known better than to get my hopes up when it was statistically so improbable, but it's so hard to rein it in. I've ordered some OPKs from Amazon so hopefully they'll help us at least focus on DTD at the right times, even if we don't manage it every other day all month!
Thanks for your support, all. flowers

Michellebops Sun 03-Mar-19 21:51:24

Sorry it didn't happen for you this month.

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