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Am I imagining a line?

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iwasagirlinavillage Fri 01-Mar-19 09:13:48

Am I imagining a line?

iwasagirlinavillage Fri 01-Mar-19 10:04:01

Anyone? I'm slightly panicking.

McHelenz Fri 01-Mar-19 10:06:34

Yea you are. There's nothing there x

Crazee Fri 01-Mar-19 10:14:26

Straight to the point there McHelenz!

I can’t see a line there OP. Do you know how many dpo you are? Are you hoping for bfn or bfp, with you panicking I’m not sure? flowers

iwasagirlinavillage Fri 01-Mar-19 10:20:03

That's reassuring, thank you.

I'm not TTC but I've had a strange and concerning cycle - I've been spotting and had cramping since my period ended. I have the copper coil which puts me at risk for ectopic if I were to get pregnant. Swabs done by the GP were normal and no other cause has been found. I have been feeling how I did approaching labour with my DC so I thought it was worth doing a test. Especially as my symptoms match those of an ectopic. Negative is definitely good in this case.

McHelenz Fri 01-Mar-19 11:33:19

Sorry! I did realise after I posted it was a bit boom 😂.

mummyjojo19 Fri 01-Mar-19 21:34:16

Actually if u invert the picture I am sure I can see a line maybe my line eyes though x

Emmalowri Fri 01-Mar-19 22:08:40

I don’t see a line but I see “something”.. maybe wait 48 hours and try again

iwasagirlinavillage Sat 02-Mar-19 08:12:37

My period is supposedly due on Tuesday, but after this cycle who knows? If I don't have what I would consider a period by Thursday I'll take another test.

The spotting ramped up a bit yesterday and I thought my period was arriving but it's stopped again so I've no idea what's going on.

Desmondo2016 Sat 02-Mar-19 10:35:43

I can see something actually. No colour and I couldn't say I can see a line, but I can see a smudgy shadow where a line would be so id say the jury's still out

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