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Partner not sure about baby- advice please!

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poodlepip Thu 28-Feb-19 21:57:34


I am nearly 32. I have been with my husband for about 10 years now. I thought we were on track for starting a family but I'm worrying things aren't right now. I wanted to know if you think it is normal...

We have always talked about children (Names etc) and he had not said he didn't want them. Last year I felt ready to try after removing from illness the previous year, but he told me he wasn't keen. After a difficult month he eventually decided he did want to try so I have been off contraception for 6 months.

We haven't conceived yet, but we have just been on holiday with my family and he has said it has put him off again. He doesn't want us to break up or stop me from doing what I want but he doesn't like the idea of children.

He was a child of divorce and is not as close to his family as I am to mine. When my brothers children kept him awake this week he was miserable the day after and not nice to be around.

Do you think most men are reluctant fathers or this is a bad sign?


poodlepip Thu 28-Feb-19 21:58:58

*recovering from and illness, not removing!

Ploppymoodypants Thu 28-Feb-19 22:05:32

Sorry but I am afraid it’s not a good sign. Having a baby is really hard even with someone who really really wants one as much as you do!
How will he be behaving after 4 months of sleepless nights ? Or more? Or will you end up doing everything, because it’s a choice of doing it all, or dealing with a grumpy man child? What if he gets grumpy and inpatient with the baby? Even parents who both desperately want a baby commonly struggle with tiredness and competition over who is doing more etc. He is being honest with you, which is brave if him. Listen to him, and then make your choices.

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