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Line eyes please....

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carrohhhh Wed 27-Feb-19 15:22:03

Think I could be 4 days late but not 100% sure when I'm due. I also only went for a wee about an hour ago so was a very weak urine!!

Suzie2287 Wed 27-Feb-19 15:23:37

Deffo line there! That’s exactly how mine looked when I first found out I was pregnant with my son! 😍

carrohhhh Wed 27-Feb-19 15:26:46

Ahhh thanks for your reply. I had an early loss/chemical last month so I'm terrified of getting my hopes up!!! I have another CB test I could try in the morning and have two First Responses in the post due to be delivered Saturday 👏🏼

Suzie2287 Wed 27-Feb-19 15:28:51

Awww I’m feeling hopeful for you! 🥰 Sorry to hear about your chemical 😔 x

carrohhhh Wed 27-Feb-19 15:33:24

Thank you!

I've read so much about Clearblue's false positive so a bit worried it's so pale.. but then I don't even know how late I am!

Yakadee Wed 27-Feb-19 15:40:01

I can defo see a clear line. I'm sure it's fine but if you want to put your mind at ease, maybe try a pink dye test x

carrohhhh Wed 27-Feb-19 16:11:43

Thank you.. pink dye test should be here at the weekend

carrohhhh Wed 27-Feb-19 18:05:13

Hopeful bump

BrendaUrie Wed 27-Feb-19 18:06:22

I see it smile

FaithEloise Wed 27-Feb-19 20:41:00

I deffo see it xx

carrohhhh Thu 28-Feb-19 07:11:58

Update from this FMU...

Yakadee Thu 28-Feb-19 07:13:56

Oh wow! No mistaking that! Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉

Elpheba Thu 28-Feb-19 07:15:02

Very very positive! Congratulations!!

carrohhhh Thu 28-Feb-19 07:44:43

Thank you! I'm still terrified it's not correct 😬😬

Amyszymm Thu 28-Feb-19 08:13:25

Congratulations hun! Xx

BrendaUrie Thu 28-Feb-19 08:44:03

Awww congratulations x

carrohhhh Thu 28-Feb-19 12:30:08


welshsoph Thu 28-Feb-19 12:34:07

Lots of positives there! I had to do the same as I didn’t believe the first three results.
Congratulations OP flowersgrin

Hikari92 Thu 28-Feb-19 12:37:19


endevo Thu 28-Feb-19 12:37:25

Congratulations x

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