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Anyone outthere hsg test done and after that period facing on and off flow ?

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Grishma Wed 27-Feb-19 14:30:28

Hello ladies,
I am the newbee here. I got my hsg done on 1 feb this yr. And got period one day late ( usually my cycle is 29 days long) and this time my period is weird , this time on day 1 i ecperience some spotting with dark red color foe few hrs then full flow with blood clots then it went to watery with less clots on day 3 of period and then on 4th it was light as usual and stopped at night thats ok , normal for me .but today i m on day 5 generally i dont get except 1or 2 drops but this time just now i felt something is cmng out from dwnthr and i checked thr and it was a jelly like blood clot and bright red blood . I am shocked whats going on ?

Can anyone has had this before ? Does it have any relation with hsg ?
I am TTC for 6 months . So can anyone help me out here?

Your answers and response will be my support .

Thanks in advance

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