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Is this test positive?

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lostfrequencies Wed 27-Feb-19 07:03:40

Hi all.

Can anyone let me know what you think of this test? I think it's highly unlikely it's positive as I did a FRER yesterday evening and got a BFN. My period is due any day now (they've been irregular since birth of DS over 2 years ago).

The picture attached is an Asda cheapie from this morning and though I can see a second 'line', I think it's too far over to the left. I'm not going to do anymore for a few days now but wanted to know what you think, or if anyone has had bad experiences with these tests.


Fizzytonicplease Wed 27-Feb-19 07:23:01

Its does look a little grey which can mean an evap, maybe wait a but more untill AF is late, are you hoping for a positive? If so i will keep my fingers crossed for you.

lostfrequencies Wed 27-Feb-19 07:29:34

Thanks fizzy. To be honest I'm not sure what I'm hoping for! It took nearly 2 years for my first BFP, so I always assumed it would take a long time if we try for a second. Due to PND and some other reasons sex has been anything but regular, so this was the first time in a little while. After a few days of nausea and nights of vivid dreams I decided to re download a period tracking app
I used to use, and lo and behold it had been right in the middle of the fertile window.

lostfrequencies Wed 27-Feb-19 10:23:21

Hopeful bump.

NoWordForFluffy Wed 27-Feb-19 10:52:09

There's a definite line there. Did it fade at all?

LavenderBelle Wed 27-Feb-19 10:56:07

There’s definitely a line there, but I vaguely remember reading reviews on ASDA for their pregnancy tests and it said they got a lot of false positives

LavenderBelle Wed 27-Feb-19 10:56:44

Sorry, ignore my post. It was for the digital ones!

lostfrequencies Wed 27-Feb-19 17:22:29

Hi fluffy, it came up within a couple of minutes but no didn't fade.

Fizzytonicplease Wed 27-Feb-19 18:48:00

Dont let the fact it took two years with your first, me and DH thought the same over two years trying for DS, so when we said we would have a second we were ready for it to take a year or two, we got our BFP on the second month!. I would by a different brand of test and try in a couple of days ( or tomorrow if you cant wait) x

Fizzytonicplease Wed 27-Feb-19 18:48:39

Buy not by!

NoWordForFluffy Wed 27-Feb-19 21:44:14

Do you have more tests? Try again tomorrow and see what happens.

Desmondo2016 Thu 28-Feb-19 01:26:18

My friend found out she was pregnant in the morning of her first cycle of ivf after ttc 2 years. 7 months after giving birth she fell pregnant with number 2 without even trying. Number 3 is now cooking, again after 1 unprotected sex episode!

Justagirlwholovesaboy Thu 28-Feb-19 01:27:33

Looks negative

lostfrequencies Thu 28-Feb-19 06:44:39

Thanks everyone. I haven't got any more tests (if I had they would be long gone as I had forgotten how addictive POAS can be) so I'll pick up another and test on the weekend.

lostfrequencies Sun 03-Mar-19 18:52:49

Update - no period as yet but I continue to get BFNs. I have since read up on the brand used in the photo above (freedom) and there are lots of poor reviews about false positives.

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