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11dpo, BBT triphasic chart, spotting- anyone experienced this?

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goldflakepaint Mon 25-Feb-19 21:50:24

Hi everyone, need a bit of the mumsnet hive mind.

Af is due Weds, currently 11dpo with usual luteal phase of 13 days. Felt very disheartened yesterday as thought I might have seen some spotting (it was hard to tell) which is usually not a good sign for me. I wake up today with my bbt shooting up and FF telling me that my chart is possibly showing a triphasic pattern. Also no more spotting during the day so feeling hopeful again. But then came home this evening and had dark red/pink spotting- checked cervix and there was a streak of red blood mixed with discharge. So now back to thinking not pregnant. A serious rollercoaster and feeling rather numb to it now. I also feel quite crappy tonight- tired, sore boobs, crampy. All probably just pms. But just wondering if anyone has experienced this before and whether I should still be holding out a bit of hope? I know the obvious response is just poas but I don't really want to test until af is due as I have a few intense days at work and a bfn will mess with my focus.

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