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Driving the hubby insane

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Lindsey90 Mon 25-Feb-19 20:40:08

Is there anybody else annoying there husbands over wanting to do a pregnancy test like everyday? Lol i have been feeling really naucious and bloated these days and and my boobs have started to feel kinda sore also im really needing to wee. Im also an emotional rollercoaster lol crying for no reason and getting really angry in my job even tho i love my job. AF isnt due for 8 days. But im always tired as well.

hcopp Mon 25-Feb-19 22:44:38

Please do try not to test until after AF is due! You will save ££££s, for a start, and can spend longer daydreaming about telling everyone you're pregnant (or is that just me...?)

TC07 Mon 25-Feb-19 23:42:34

DH was annoyed when I asked him to pick up a test as he didn't realise how expensive they were and thought it was wasn't wink

Lindsey90 Mon 25-Feb-19 23:53:16

Omg guys!!! Im so impatient lol. 8 days is just tooo far away!!! I already have a 5 year old so i know the feeling of telling people. I just need a full night sleep. Insomnia i have never had it and i hate it!!!! Lol

Kinsters Tue 26-Feb-19 01:17:30

I just do them when he's not around 😈 I have a huge bag of Internet cheapies though which work out at costing a couple of pence each so I don't feel too bad about it.

Lindsey90 Fri 01-Mar-19 20:23:44

Omg thats so funny 😂😂. He wants to be there for the answer. I dont blame him last time he missed it as he was working and my doctor told me i had to take 1 b4 seeing her the next day. 😂

Michellebops Fri 01-Mar-19 21:22:05

My oh thinks the stork brings babies.

He's so chilled about the whole process.

Last pregnancy I knew for a week before I told him as I'd tested early and he wanted to wait until after af was late 🤷‍♀️

Lindsey90 Fri 01-Mar-19 22:30:26

Hes sooo in tune with me tho. Lol he loves everything to do with the pregnancy and buying prams etc. I just hope i am pregnant. I got the copper coil on on the 11th feb and my ovulation was a week later. We have been trying from the 11th. Im getting more symptoms.

Sore nipples
Heartburn (which i never get)
Some foods make me nausea
Peeing flat out
Sore back
Tired standing too long.
My temper has been soo quick to set off
Then i get upset because of my temper lol
Also im always tired.
Some smell of foods that i dont like im loving

So i think im getting there lol

mussie Sat 02-Mar-19 09:39:40

Must be only a couple more days now until you test OP? Exciting! Any change in the symptoms?

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