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Help! BFP at home BFN at doctors

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DiamondDuster Mon 25-Feb-19 17:48:22

I am on CD32. My cycle is usually 30-31 days. I had a positive FRER on Thursday, an even stronger line on a FRER on Friday. I did a Clear Blue digital on Saturday and it said 1-2 weeks pregnant.

I went to the doctor this afternoon and he did a test that was negative. I wasn’t expecting him to test again so didn’t bring a sample with me. I’d literally just peed before I went into the appt so I had to force some out for him to test.

He has done a blood test but I’m really worried. Anyone any experience?

Lymphy Mon 25-Feb-19 19:34:13

I think it’s one of a few things
1) the test they used isn’t as sensitive ( I work in the NHS and the ones we use only pick up higher levels of HCG)
2) they didn’t do the test correctly
4) it was a duff test
3) if you had to force some urine out as you’d just been,it probably didn’t have anywhere near a decent concentration of HCG
Do another test at home it would be unlikely that you’d go from strong positive to stark negative over 24hrs, let us know how you get on x

Niffler2019 Mon 25-Feb-19 21:16:52

Hi diamond duster,
I agree with lymphy. The test at the Gp probably wasn't as sensitive as your home tests. Plus they do advise using the first urine of the day as this has the highest concentration of HCG. If you had to force a wee later in the day that's probably why it was negative.

Don't worry, it's quite common to get a negative test very early on even if you are pregnant. The fact your tests came up clearly as positive means you must be pregnant.


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