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11 days late and BFN...

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bettymoo212 Mon 25-Feb-19 15:58:12

Thank you, it’s helpful to hear other people’s experiences. 67 days is an epic cycle! No, I haven’t been on birth control. I’ll give it another couple of weeks then speak to my GP.

daisiesandpeonies Mon 25-Feb-19 14:52:20

Have a similar story. My cycles are fairly long - 35-42 days, but in the summer I had one 67 day cycle! Essentially I missed a period. I had intermittent PMS type symptoms throughout. Tested virtually every week, all negative. The doctor sent me for blood tests for pregnancy and PCOS on about day 55. All came back negative, so was told to just wait and come back in another month if I still hadn't had a period.
I don't know if you've been on hormonal birth control, but the doctor told me it can take a year for it to settle down so that's probably why. Although women can sometimes miss a period for no clear reason at all.
I'd wait a couple more weeks then see a doctor

bettymoo212 Sun 24-Feb-19 22:56:16

Hi Ladies,

I'm hoping to get some advice, please. Since I was a teenager (I'm now 35) I've had very regular 28-29 day cycles. My husband and I have been TTC since June 2018. This cycle I think I ovulated on the 30th of Jan (I got peak fertility on Clearblue Digital Ovulation Tests that day - I haven't been temping) and then had what I think may have been implantation bleeding for three days from the 6th to the 8th of Feb. It was a clear mucus with thin streaks of pinkish blood in it. I'm now on cycle day 41 with no sign of AF coming and driving myself slightly crazy. For the past few days, I've had sore, swollen boobs and have been feeling alternately very hungry and quite nauseous. I also have mild on-and-off cramping, which doesn't feel like the usual AF cramps - it's much milder. However, I've been testing every 2-3 days since cycle day 30 and have only had BFNs.

I know there is a possibility that I didn't ovulate this cycle after all, in which case when on earth will I have another period!? Do they usually just happen at the normal time the following cycle? I don't want to waste valuable GP time, but how long would you wait before seeking help if AF doesn't show up? I'm pretty sure I can't be pregnant since I'm getting BFNs this many days after when I would expect my period, but would you be seeking a blood test to rule it out completely?

Sorry for so many questions, and I realise I'm probably worrying about nothing.

Thank you in advance!

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