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Faint positive First Vue test strip?

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SweetpeaLoui Sun 24-Feb-19 20:10:23

It’s my first time using these tests having used FRER and Clearblue before. I’d previously posted about a crazy December with my hormones which made me question if I was pregnant or not.. but following the arrival of AF in the New Year.. things went back to normal until this month!
AF has just finished after being 3 days late and 4 days long..

AF was light and I’m still suffering with very mild cramps in my lower abdomen.. not painful.. but noticeable. I bought a couple of packs of the First Vue test strips so that I had a cheap, easy-access test in case I needed to quickly check. I’ve used three so far (the first one being a test since it was my first time using the strips) the second one I accidentslly tampered with so did a third just to be sure.. now I can’t tell if my eyes are just playing tricks on me.. or whether there’s a very faint line showing to the left of the control line.. bearing in mind my eyesight is terrible

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated smile

Newyearsameoldshit Sun 24-Feb-19 20:18:41

There is something there, can you FRER tomorrow?!

(my line on these was even fainter and I got a good solid FRER line that afternoon)

SweetpeaLoui Sun 24-Feb-19 21:15:42

I’ve got a ClearBlue waiting in my drawer.. think I’m going to double check with another cheap one before taking the plunge with one of the more expensive tests.

It’s all rather exciting! grin

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