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Chances of pregnancy??

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leapingluna Sun 24-Feb-19 19:12:54

Hi all,

I'm currently somewhere between 5 and 7 days late for my period and had a BFN this morning. Is it at all likely that I could still be pregnant this cycle or just my body being a scumbag. My periods are normally pretty regular, with a 28-30 day cycle (28 day being the norm).

MonkeyToucher Mon 25-Feb-19 13:42:50

Are you sure when you ovulated? Are you doing opks/temping? If you are tracking and are definitely 5 days late id say you would be getting a positive on a test by now! But if you ovulated unusually late this cycle you might be in with a chance?

leapingluna Mon 25-Feb-19 14:00:59

Not 100% - I wasn't tracking it, other than through using Ovia to know when my period is due. It could well have been a late ovulation month - it's happened before when I've been ill right at the start of my cycle.

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