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BostonFern Sun 24-Feb-19 17:53:41

I was expecting AF Friday/yesterday, did a FRER on Friday and got a BFN. Did an ASDA cheapie about half an hour ago (fairly dilute urine tbh) and saw this- it came up within the 5 minute window, but neither myself or DP are sure if it's an indent (I think it probably is though). I have a FRER I might try in the morning if AF doesn't show up in the meantime.
What do you think?
Thanks in advance 🙂

TheChineseChicken Sun 24-Feb-19 18:36:09

I can just about see something in the second photo but hard to tell if it's a pink line

BostonFern Sun 24-Feb-19 18:39:08

Thanks @TheChineseChicken that's what we struggled with too.

TheChineseChicken Sun 24-Feb-19 18:41:44

Go with the FRER in the morning as you should get a clearer result with that. Good luck!

BostonFern Sun 24-Feb-19 18:44:34

Thanks- I think AF is coming though, just had some spotting.

TheChineseChicken Sun 24-Feb-19 18:45:18


AllTheGlitter Sun 24-Feb-19 21:15:10

Is this a freedom one? It gave me a false positive months ago - see attached. I definitely wasn’t pregnant. Have seen loads of bad reviews sad

BostonFern Sun 24-Feb-19 21:36:59

It is @AllTheGlitter, I won't be buying them again!

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