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TTC Following Implant Removal

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Sma1234 Sun 24-Feb-19 11:48:33

Good morning,
We are TTC baby number 1. I am 34 years of age and had one MMC over 8 years ago and haven’t tried since.
I had the implant inserted in Jan 2018 and I had my implant removed on 11th January this year. I since had a period on 3rd Feb. I used OPK’s on the reccomended day’s for a 28 day cycle and they were all negative (faint lines, some fainter than others).
We had sex on the days the Glow app advised that the chance of pregnancy was high (but this kept shifting forward with each negative OPK test I scanned in). We have had sex at other points in the month but is difficult to have sex every other day on a regular basis as I work shifts and OH works long days due to being a business owner. I used to always know when I ovulated before the implant as I got a very distinctive pain, followed by stretchy, clear mucus (I’ve not experienced this since implant removal).
I’m now considering asking my GP for LH blood tests as I’m concerned that I may not be ovulating.
And advice or shared stories of ladies in a similar situation would be greatly received. Especially and shared experience of using Ovusense to detect ovulation.

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