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A week late and 2 neg PT's!

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mummychar Fri 06-Jul-07 01:01:33

Any advice much appreciated!

Am a week late now, was due on 29 Jun and still nowhere to be seen. Did PT on 29 and PT this morning both neg! Have no idea what is going on, past 2 weeks have had dizzy spells and have a pain in my ribcage which is making me feel nauseous, sore nipple area, back pain but really don't think i'm Pg! I remember when having my son, now nearly 4 i didn't find out i was Pg until 13 weeks as had a string of Neg PT's.

Anyone else had the same problem??

WotzaGirl2do Fri 06-Jul-07 01:15:35

sorry no, but you should bump in morning not many around now. Get some sleep....

Gracie14 Fri 06-Jul-07 10:55:20

Hi mummychar,

A couple of cycles ago I was 22 days late and ended up at the doctors for a blood test which was negative and various HPT's later my AF arrived. My doctor said that it could be stress delaying period.

But on the other hand my friend was 3 weeks late before she got her positive test and she'd previously had a negative blood test.

So I think the only thing you can do is wait (not very helpful am I!) especially if this has happened before. Fingers crossed for you

mummychar Fri 06-Jul-07 21:32:39


herbaceous Sat 07-Jul-07 11:39:28

Hey there mummychar.

I'm in the same boat. My periods have been erratic since a miscarriage in March, but my last cycle was 26 days. I did a test last weekend, at cd26, but it was negative. All this week I've been feeling sick, hot in the face, thirsty, very tired, crampy, the works, did another test this morning (CD33), and that was negative too. Now I'm in a right tizzy that my periods are never going to go back to normal, that I'm doomed, etc etc... Or that I've got something else wrong with me, as I feel so poorly.

Do keep me posted on what happens to you!

Gangle Sat 07-Jul-07 13:47:02

Mummychar I had a similar thing this month. Period was 11 days late. Tested 3 times and negative each time and didn't feel pregnant at all. Assumed I had just missed a month which apparently can happpen - been quite stressed lately at work - then it turned up out of nowhere. Think it you're getting BFN and no other symptoms then you're probably not.

mummychar Sun 08-Jul-07 00:12:00

Hi herb,

Well having some symptoms now (i think), (.)(.) grown overnight! EEK! Having hot flushes, was trotting round ASDA this morning, walked past the pizza's and had to throw up!! Just hoping i am Pg and there's nothing else wrong! My cousin went through the early menopause but she was early 30's not quite as young as me!

Califrau Sun 08-Jul-07 00:22:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

herbaceous Mon 09-Jul-07 09:42:19

Bah. Aunt flo came yesterday, and all my 'symptoms' disappeared. I'd felt dreadful on Saturday night - like I was going to throw up any second, and couldn't eat my dinner. So, looks like another PMT symptom to add to the delightful list is nausea. Great.

mummychar Mon 16-Jul-07 03:01:31

well my negative test should have been a positive, but unfortunately miscarried this week. Wasn't meant to be this time, will keep trying though!!

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