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TTC and longer cycle

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Pinksausages Sat 23-Feb-19 14:47:16

Hoping some of you that have a better understand of cycle length/ovulation than I do, may be able to help.....
Recently came off birth control and last two months I have had regular periods both exactly 31 days apart. My periods last 10 days so would this make a different to when ovulation happens? The first day of my LMP was 04/02 but depending on what online calculator I look at it gives me completely different dates. I know these are only a rough guide as everyone is diffeeent but I assume these work on a standard 5-7 day period as opposed to 10 days? Any advice please smile

physicskate Sat 23-Feb-19 15:22:39

The length of your period has no effect on ovulation. Most women ovulate about two weeks before the start of their period (10-16 days before, avg is 14). The time between ovulation and the subsequent start of af is pretty static for each individual. If you ov 'later' than normal, af is then late by the same number of days (or you'd get a bfp later).

Pinksausages Sat 23-Feb-19 17:31:24

Ah I didn’t realise that. I assumed if your period was longer you would ovulate later. So I’m currently 12days before my next period is due. Is it likely ovulation has already been and gone? Although I guess that still falls within the 10-16 day average you mentioned.

Chanel05 Sat 23-Feb-19 17:47:00

@pinksausages it’s likely that you will have already ovulated but your lp varies from person to person. If you were taking the pill then it’s totally normal to take a year for your body to get back to normal. My lp in 8 cycles has ranged from 11-14 days.

Habbs Sat 23-Feb-19 20:00:08

Hi @Pinksausages

I have extremely long cycles, varying from 50 all the way up to 120 days. I spent 2 years TTC and getting absolutely nowhere. Back in August I signed up for a year subscriptions of Natural cycles, I think it was £40 including the thermometer as I was getting so desperate, and the app claims to be able to detect when you ovulate for definite. I tempted every morning at the same time before getting out of bed, it recognised a pattern within 2 months and detected my ovulation absolutely bang on, it told me when to take ovulation tests and whenever it told me to they came back positive. It really got it spot on. I'd been told it takes a few months to really pick up a pattern, so I wasn't dtd much, we did it twice that month but then my temp spiked and stayed spiked.. app suggested a pregnancy test and I'm currently 20 weeks with a little boy. If you don't understand when you ovulate I really cannot recommend it enough I feel I have it to thank for everything. After over two years of nothing, it took 2 months using this app for me to get pregnant! Not an ad by the way, just a very impressed woman!

All the luck with TTC, it's a challenging time especially when you just don't understand your body. X

Lottiepink Fri 01-Mar-19 13:24:41

Hi, just thought i would jump on this feed. The best way to find ov is defo temping and opk. I'm also on natural cycles and it's fab for finding you ov date. I'm on a 28 day cycle, yet my ov is late this time, it was CD19!
I'm still ttc so hasn't worked just yet for me, but defo worth a try 😊

deathbycats Fri 01-Mar-19 16:51:56

Watching this with interest. I think I had an anovuary cycle this time (or last time depending on how you look at it!). I'm on CD39, didn't have much in the way of my usual ovulation symptoms when I should have and had 4 BFNs since CD30 (AF is always between CD28-30 usually).

I'm wondering whether temping would work for me at this stage, because otherwise I suppose I'm in a perpetual TTW until I eventually get a bleed.

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