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Questions to ask at pre conception consultant's appointment (Lupus antibodies)

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Sleepyhead11 Sat 23-Feb-19 10:33:20


Wondered if anyone could help with this. Know I've posted a few times as I have anxiety, but the consultant appointment is coming up now and don't know what to ask.

I have been diagnosed with Lupus factor antibodies (have RA though, rather than SLE, and went off my medication to ttc - taking a milder one.) We have been referred to consultant to ask anything we want to about the antibodies and appointment is Wednesday.

My main fear is the congenital heart block, but I am also worried about all the other awful things my immune system could do to a fetus. Just wondering what to ask, how to use the appointment? We have put off ttc until we have answers due to fears about what can go wrong, and really want some clear answers.

I posted about this once before - but didn't have appointment coming up, and someone said it's generally OK but you need more monitoring.

Any advice really welcome though.

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