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TTC March Bus

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MummyBearBoo Fri 22-Feb-19 18:36:13

Hi will anyone else trying for March?
I had a CP on my last cycle which meant my AF came 5 days late so I'm now not due to Ovulate til early March!
I have 1 DD who is 3 had a TFMR in October 2017 at 12 weeks (it was a boy) due to a genetic condition which has 50/50 chance of being passed on I can't proceed with the pregnancy if it is passed on!
This is my first time TTC as we weren't TTC to the first twice- this will be my cycle #4 for baby #2 I currently have a 40 ish day cycle so am not due too ovulate til CD 25/26 I'm currently on CD11 xx

Iilana Fri 22-Feb-19 19:41:05

I'm trying for March, I'm cd2 today ttc1.
Sorry to hear about the tfmr due to genetic issues, your heart must've been breaking.
I had a MC two years ago just shy of 12 weeks. Let March be our month for BFPs💕
I'm trying temping and opks for first time for this cycle.
According to apps I use I'm due to ovulate around 8th March but I'll be comparing with the opks as not sure how accurate the apps are.

mrsawhite Fri 22-Feb-19 21:41:28


We are TTC for March. Didn't happen for us in January. DH works at sea for a month or so at a time which made Feb a no go for us. Currently in fertile period. Think I ovulated today. So will see what happens! Happy thoughts for us all! X

MummyBearBoo Fri 22-Feb-19 22:17:33

Good luck guys - been using OPKs as I have PCOS so ovulation is impossible to predict my fertile window starts 3rd March - it worked last month albeit for 2 weeks and we only DTD day before and day of Ov - 2 previous months I couldn't guess when day before was!! So DTD day before is critical as then sperm are in tube waiting for egg! TFMR was heartbreaking especially coz everyone I know got pregnant with their second shortly after including my SIL the day after! Xx

sukisydney Sat 23-Feb-19 06:26:39

I'm hopping on - hi! I also had a chemical pregnancy last cycle. My BFP lines got darker from 12dpo to 17dpo then suddenly it all stopped - bit of a shock and I've been bleeding for 7 days which is longer than normal - think it's stopping now so will be hopping back on the TTC bus again this month (oh joy grin). Will be nice to have some buddies along for the ride. @MummyBearBoo sorry to hear about your TFMR that must be a difficult and stressful situation to cope with. I have 2 DCs 9yo and 4yo (with 1 MMC at 12 weeks in between). I might be a bit out of whack this month after the CP but I'd usually be due to ovulate in about a week so we'll see. Fingers crossed for us all!

MummyBearBoo Sat 23-Feb-19 21:59:13

Welcome @sukisydney sorry for your loss and CPs totally suck - I didn't test till 15dpo do my AF was already a whole day late and got a BFP but two days later I got a BFN and the day after that I started bleeding! I'm just gonna concentrate on losing weight now while I wait for my FW - started at 10lbs into overweight bit on BMI in November I've lost 1st 6lbs since then and am in healthy range but my goal weight is another 4lbs away! My calorie goal is to lose 1lb a week!! Problem is when I get there I'm gonna struggle to not lose more as my stomach has shrunk - tho hopefully I'll be pg so I might eat more anyway. I've been going to the gym twice a week but didn't go last week as my stomach cramps were bad after CP and this week I didn't go coz it's half term I have to go when DD is in pre-school she only goes two days a week so I'm gonna die when I go back! X

sukisydney Sun 24-Feb-19 06:25:44

Thanks @MummyBearBoo, yes CPs suck for sure - fingers crossed for more luck for us all this month. Just found the "March Bus" thread so am hopping on there too. Your weight loss sounds like it's going in the right direction, well done! After my CP I have had take out pizza and wotsits rather too much... but I've really cut down on booze so something had to give! grin

MummyBearBoo Tue 26-Feb-19 18:17:48

So took my first OPK today - negative prob not be positive til later next week but we'll see!!

MummyBearBoo Sun 03-Mar-19 17:44:16

Where's everyone else in their cycle?

mrsawhite Sun 03-Mar-19 17:48:34

Due on next Saturday. Fingers crossed but think I am out for this month

MummyBearBoo Mon 04-Mar-19 10:45:44

Fingers crossed for you hun xx

Kinsella82 Mon 04-Mar-19 11:55:41

Hi can I join you ladies!
I think I'm pretty sure I'm off the feb bus even though I'm on day 36 or my cycle and no sign of AF. tests are all Bfn's. Symptoms are lingering around but they could be af symptoms also. I just wish af would hurry up if it's coming so that I can start again for March!
Baby dust to all xxx

Kinsella82 Mon 04-Mar-19 11:57:22

Ps this will be cycle no. 3
TTC 3rd baby and I'm 36!

deathbycats Mon 04-Mar-19 12:33:57

I might lurk more than I post but I'm eagerly watching for signs of ovulating this month. Currently on CD42 but I don't think I ovulated in February - many negative BFNs and no ovulation symptoms in the latter half of the month. Had a darker OPK yesterday (not a positive though), and today my cervix seems a bit higher, slippery CM and achey boobs so fingers crossed it'll happen this week.

BudgieBird Mon 04-Mar-19 12:47:09

I'm in my TWW now. Had a rough time with OPKs not showing anything, and the Clearblue giving me 7 days of flashing smileys before I quit using it, even though I was testing frequently and had the right type of CM and all. No idea if or when I actually ovulated in the end! We decided to just DTD frequently and hope for the best. After days of my temperature being stuck at 36.3 or lower, today it FINALLY jumped to 36.7...but I also have a bad cold so it might not mean anything!

Mooey89 Mon 04-Mar-19 12:59:38

Hopping on.
TTC number 2
Fourth month of trying.
This month I’ve ordered pre seed to help speed things along 😂.
AF started last night, due to ov around 16th

MummyBearBoo Mon 04-Mar-19 15:07:58

I'm on CD20 of my 4th cycle had a CP last cycle so they may mess up my ov day which was previously CD25/26 but we'll see! @deathbycats and@Kinsella82 - how frustrating! Hopefully you'll get a resolution one way or another soon xx

MummyBearBoo Mon 04-Mar-19 15:08:30

*Meant that not they

Kinsella82 Tue 05-Mar-19 07:02:51

Hope you're ok @ale2992 sad hugs xx

AF has arrived with a bang this morning. sad
After a 37 day cycle!!!
Previous one was 28 days. So how on earth do I work out when I'm going to ovulate next?? Any advice?
I was pretty sure I wasn't pregnant so I just wanted AF to hurry up and arrive but at the same time it's disappointing to see it and now more waiting sad

kaytee87 Tue 05-Mar-19 07:35:08

A mixture of not feeling well, being busy and tired means we've only dtd twice this month. AF due around 15th, possible but not likely.

Fingers crossed for everyone still in the running.

MummyBearBoo Tue 05-Mar-19 23:24:17

Still waiting for my positive OPK should be Friday/sat but my CP last cycle might have messed it up!! Xx

deathbycats Wed 06-Mar-19 10:04:32

AF has finally shown her face after 42 days here! I'm a bit relieved to be back to square one, if I'm honest. I hope things sort themselves out a bit for this coming cycle, and I'll be back to my usual 28 days.

Kinsella82 I'm going to be watching for symptoms, and using my cheapie OPKs from the start of my projected fertile period in the apps I'm using (Ovia and Glow).

Kinsella82 Wed 06-Mar-19 11:53:37

@deathbycats fingers crossed your cycle regulates a bit now. It's so frustrating when they're longer than normal. Makes the months verrrry long!

I have bought a load of IC OPKs and I've been looking into SMEP as I think it'll give me something to focus on, marking off the dates in the calendar etc. It will also stop me symptom spotting and wondering about ever little thing I feel!

limesoda Wed 06-Mar-19 15:51:06

I'm joining this because I am driving myself INSANE.

TTC #1
Cycle .5
Cycle day 1 was on the 22nd February

We are only halfway through a cycle because we only decided to go for it then I realised I was probably vaguely in a fertile window 😂

Because I wasn't really checking properly (but do track my periods) I did an OPK yesterday and got the static smiley face. We have been having sex daily since Sunday so who knows? I have this really weird combination of accepting that it is very unlikely to happen so quickly but also obsessing over things quite a lot.

So much luck to all!

MummyBearBoo Wed 06-Mar-19 15:55:44

@limesoda - it's about a 1 in 4 chance if you DTD day before and day of ov but you could be that 1 this month you never know - I got pregnant cycle 3 but it turned out to be a CP so this is my cycle #4 - good luck to all xx

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