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Vitamin b6

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Ttc2019 Fri 22-Feb-19 00:48:15

Hi, this is only my first month of ttc baby number two, it’s also my first time actually tracking ovulation etc and I’ve noticed my luteal phase is on the short side, it’s 10 days. Before having my son, I had two early miscarriages and wondering if my short luteal phase is to blame for that. I read that taking vitamin B complex and b6 can help add a few days on so I started taking 100mg at around 3dpo. My cycle is around 30/31 days long and I ovulated on cycle day 20 this month. I’ve read that some women only take b6 after O to avoid it making O late and then some taking it the whole cycle and saying it’s brought their O forward. Is this going to be a trial and error thing? I’m just wondering what to do now. Should I stop taking it if AF arrives and start again after O or just keep taking it the whole month and if it delays ovulation, only start taking it after. Just want to hear people’s opinions and experiences. Thank you

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