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AM line eyes

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fluffybunny86 Thu 21-Feb-19 07:20:56

Hi all,

Just found this community. Myself and DH are TTC no 1. Been trying to sit on my hands for two weeks as AF is due Saturday but have failed this morning. Had a poitive OPK on the 7th. Here is the test we took this morning, high st cheapie, and not sure if we can see two lines.

Any thoughts/ help would be appreciated

KatnissMellark Thu 21-Feb-19 07:21:50

Yes that's a line. Congrats!

UncomfortableSilence Thu 21-Feb-19 07:32:45

I can see a faint line, and I can never see anything on these posts grin

Retest again in a few days but looks like congratulations to you.

amehh Thu 21-Feb-19 07:40:29

I think these is a line! Try again on Saturday so the hormone has had a chance to double smile congrats!

cindersrella Thu 21-Feb-19 08:23:20

There's definitely a line there 😀

fluffybunny86 Thu 21-Feb-19 08:33:28

Thank you all for your comments, we’re just not sure if we trust this brand or not. Have some from Superdrug and an FRER (which we’re saving for Sunday). Do people trust results from these tests?

Choud1616 Thu 21-Feb-19 08:38:20

You're pregnant! Congratulations!

cindersrella Thu 21-Feb-19 08:40:20

I would say first response are best but I think if you do another later or in the morning it will come the same 👌🏽

Choud1616 Thu 21-Feb-19 08:41:10

The only difference OP is the sensitivity - therefore low sensitivity can give false negatives but not false positives. Also I never found that there was much correlation between sensitivity and price - the most sensitive ones I found were very cheap from Amazon!

Choud1616 Thu 21-Feb-19 08:43:56

If there is any line at all, the test picked up pregnancy hormones in your urine smile

amehh Thu 21-Feb-19 08:45:19

@fluffybunny86 I would say a line is a line - I took a Poundland test yesterday on a whim thinking they'd be crap and I got a line too. Checked with a FRER today and have one more for Saturday. If you have a 2 pack of FRER why not do one tomorrow and one Sunday?

fluffybunny86 Thu 21-Feb-19 13:43:04

Thank you all. The scientist in me wants a positive and negative control as I have nothing to directly compare. DH and I have decided to repeat with the other cheapie and if we still see two lines then will immediately do the FRER tomorrow am.

Still can beleive something is showing this early and we’re not seeing things

fluffybunny86 Thu 21-Feb-19 20:04:46

Thank you all

Just a brief update, heres our wilko and superdrug tests taken around 7 this evening. Think we are both more convinced now. Will be confirming with the FRER in the morning

Bigonesmallone3 Thu 21-Feb-19 20:06:01

Ur definitely pregnant op
Congratulation thanks

LKRJM Thu 21-Feb-19 21:38:16

We ovulated the same day and your Poundland looks the same as mine and my FRER was really strong a few days ago on evening urine so you could probably do one now tbh!

FaithEloise Thu 21-Feb-19 22:14:44

Congratulations xx

cindersrella Fri 22-Feb-19 07:14:02

Congratulations OP! Do your last one to confirm although I don't think you need to with those results! 😀

fluffybunny86 Fri 22-Feb-19 10:55:05

Thank you all. Confirmed with FRER this morning. Really hoping we can hold onto our lucky baby.

DH is still on the fence as the lines are not the same intensity so hes going to get a clearblue digital to spell it out for him.

Best of luck for all those still trying to conceive or in thier TWW

KatnissMellark Fri 22-Feb-19 11:06:19

For there to be a line there has to be pregnancy hormones in your urine. Tell DH you are definitely pregnant. And beware digi tests, they are less sensitive than FRERs. You don't want a negative on one of those to further confuse matters!

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