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Anyone fallen pregnant on the implant?

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Aprilviolet Wed 20-Feb-19 20:09:20

Hi, just wondering if anyone has ever fallen pregnant on the implant, I have been bleeding for around 2weeks then 2weeks off (got implant 9months ago) but for the last 9weeks it has just stopped! What's very weird for me! As had implant 5years ago! And done the same (as in bleeding pattern) for the whole 3years. Around 8weeks aho I had spotting for around a day! Only blood when I wiped, and now still nothing! I have done a pregnancy test and 4 had come back with very very faint lines! But I have seen online that implant can make pregnancy test invalid due to hormones jn the implant. Any experiences would be great! I also done another 2tests in the same time that said no! :/ confused x

lizred Thu 21-Feb-19 23:34:26

You can conceive whilst on the implant, happened to two people I know.

Also the implant can cause irregular, excessive or no bleeding. I've had the excessive in which I was placed on a pill as well as the implant to control the bleeding.

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