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TTC FIRST BABY - Thread 13!

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TrashKitten10 Sun 10-Feb-19 14:33:22

Hoping that thread number 13 turns out to be lucky! πŸ€ Apologies if anybody has been missed off, please add or update your stats smile

cupcakesandglitter 23 Cycle 8
Jessikka 28 Cycle 1
starkid 29 Cycle 6
MrsAW2018 24 Cycle 8
AnnaMC214 32 Cycle 5
TTC34 34 Cycle 1
ttc12019 29 Cycle 1
19Bee2 27 Cycle 1
Ember25 34 Cycle 4
BlueArtemis 24 Cycle 7
MrsH497 32 Cycle 2
Tinag18 36 Cycle 2
MrsR16 25 Cycle 6
Random2468 28 Cycle 2
Jessikka 28 Cycle 1
BostonFern 34 Cycle 2
Thumper59 23 Cycle 2
Lola871 31 Cycle 2
ValidUser 28 Cycle 7
Lozzlepop 35 Cycle 1
DayDreamer1707 28 Cycle 4
Trashkitten10 27 Cycle 2
OhMarnie 28 Cycle 1
DuchessofPemberley 32 Cycle 6
KittieKath 34 Cycle 6
MrsMcNtobe Cycle 6
PeacockingAbout 29 Cycle 3
Chanel05 29 Cycle 7
Sleepyquest 28 Cycle 1
Granddesigns 32 cycle 2
Pinkfizz19 33 cycle 2
Kennyholiday 32 cycle 10
Catlady31 31 cycle 1

TTC#1 Grads......
EltzBee Cycle 6
Delilah7 Cycle 3
SullyWifey Cycle 11
MrsEG Cycle 6
MrsLBear Cycle ?
GemmaJen Cycle ?
Crossfitgirl Cycle 8
Fivexfive Cycle?
Dogmum24 Cycle?
Scottslass55 38 Cycle 4
FlapJackered 30 Cycle 8
Bettythecat 30 Cycle 8
stormtrooperjulian 31 Cycle 6
Nextchapter19 Cycle 1

TrashKitten10 Sun 10-Feb-19 14:41:18

@cupcakesandglitter @Jessikka @starkid @MrsAW2018 @AnnaMC214 @TTC34
@ttc12019 @19Bee2 @Ember25 @BlueArtemis @MrsH497 @Tinag18 @BostonFern @Thumper59 @Lola871 @ValidUser @Lozzlepop @DayDreamer1707 @OhMarnie @DuchessofPemberley @KittieKath @KatBeCool
@MrsMcNtobe @BabySquid @PeacockingAbout @Chanel05 @Sleepyquest @Granddesigns
@Pinkfizz19 @Kennyholiday @Catlady31

BostonFern Sun 10-Feb-19 14:47:39


DayDreamer1707 Sun 10-Feb-19 15:03:31

Thanks for the new thread @TrashKitten10 😘

Just making my mark and putting it out there that I am craving a Sunday roast 😝

Currently 3DPO and not gone insane yet...early days yet though x

starkid Sun 10-Feb-19 15:07:48

Woop, thanks for for the tag!! Come on cz to continue January's success!

Soya isoflavones' crazy energy power has worn off this afternoon sadly haha, was fun while it lasted πŸ˜‹
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend smile Am CD10 now, usually ovulate between CD16-19 so have started with the opk's and BDing πŸ˜„ bring on the end of the month!

On a different note, does anyone else feel like their life is on hold, waiting for the BFP so can start the next chapter in your life? That's how I feel at the moment, which isn't great... Am doing activities/holidays/DIY etc. but just constantly feel stuck πŸ˜”

AngeloMysterioso Sun 10-Feb-19 15:11:26

AngeloMysterioso 33 Cycle 5

FRER today, CD26 (10 DPO) - BFN

AF due on Valentine's Day, because apparently showing up on Christmas Day wasn't mean enough...

MrsH497 Sun 10-Feb-19 15:26:22

Thanks for the new thread @TrashKitten10
Approaching end of cycle 3 now due on in 4 days. Feeling totally crap today as well! Nauseous, upset stomach (tmi sorry!) dry mouth x

KittieKath Sun 10-Feb-19 15:29:21


I had ovulation spotting yesterday, and pale lines on OPKs.

Today, I had a temp rise AND the strongest positive on OPKs tests.

Any idea what this means? Is today the day? Tomorrow? Yesterday?

We DTD twice yesterday and OH said he's "empty" and doesn't want to go again today. 😩

thumper59 Sun 10-Feb-19 15:33:33

Ooo yay to a new thread!! Hope it's lucky for us. I've just started watching 'you.' On Netflix feel like it's going to absorb my life for a while!

KatBeCool Sun 10-Feb-19 16:01:23

@ValidUser when is your surgery? And how long is recovery? Hopefully you can get right back at it!

@cupcakesandglitter Clomid three down, two more to go. It's making me laugh uncontrollably, still at things I'd normally find funny but there's a ton more laughing coming out than necessary lol. Such a weird reaction.

@KittieKath twice a day isn't needed. And can actually deplete your DH. So while he's joking that there's nothing left, there's actually very little left.

@starkid I'm starting Estradiol in three days, hoping for all that extra energy!

Jessikka Sun 10-Feb-19 16:06:26

I accidentally added this to thread 12 😳😢

Thanks for bringing me along!

I'm on 10dpo today and feeling very nauseous and dizzy since yesterday. Also lots of Cm has me rather uncomfortable half way around Ikea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜³

Ive been having a really full feeling in my uterus and am having sight tingle sensations so just waiting to see if AF arrives in 5days or so.

Temps are high but slowly dropping down so will have to wait and see. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

How is everyone's Sunday x

KittieKath Sun 10-Feb-19 16:08:16

Thanks @KatBeCool - you are right!

And he said we can DTD again tonight when we go to bed as long as I am not pissed (meeting a friend for dinner - uh oh).

I should probably stop sulking in the bedroom really?! πŸ₯΄

Lola871 Sun 10-Feb-19 16:14:31

@Trashkitten10 thanks for the new thread! I'm still only on cycle 1 (35 day cycles!) and currently 7 dpo, not much to report.

@thumper59 it's a great series, very dark but good! I watched it over about 3 days over Christmas.

19Bee2 Sun 10-Feb-19 16:29:33

Thank you for the new thread! I am still awaiting AF, CD 46 or 47 I think. I felt so uplifted by the messages of support and frustration from you lovely lot on here @DayDreamer1707 @BostonFerm @KatBeCool @TrashKitten10 @PeacockingAbout @Lozzlepop Sorry I didn't reply at the time. I took a couple of days to just focus on work and having a good weekend, but your responses put my mind at rest and made me realise I wasn't being daft for feeling frustrated at my GP!

I am still waiting to see what my body is doing, but feeling okay about it. I've had a lovely productive weekend involving lots of work on our house and seeing friends and family - this did include lots of cuddles with two newborns though which was lovely but such a stark reminder of this all-consuming process.

I hope everyone is well and to those in your FW - good luck and enjoy! ;)

thumper59 Sun 10-Feb-19 16:34:46

@Lola871 I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm only 3 episodes in but I sorta really fancy joe? πŸ€” I get it he's a very hideous person but you know πŸ˜‚ it's a good job I have a very lovely DP because my new type of man seems to be psychos or murderers? πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

19Bee2 Sun 10-Feb-19 16:38:39

I felt the same at the start of you! Perhaps that's the point. Enjoy it. I got through the series in an embarrassingly short amount of time.

During dry/skint January we have watched - this is so shameful - 6 (!!) series of Parks and Rec. Having never watched it before we were very late to the game, but it is amazing.

thumper59 Sun 10-Feb-19 16:42:34

@19Bee2 oh really we need a new series to get into. Making a murderer, ted bundy files, innocent man etc we have watched. Patiently awaiting the new peaky blinders. I don't think OH will be a big fan of 'you' and I've watched a bit of sex education but I didn't really give it much chance!

starkid Sun 10-Feb-19 16:49:28

@KatBeCool - Fingers crossed it gets you feeling energised too!

Am definitely feeling the difference today, am knackered and almost falling asleep now shock forcing myself not to nap...

There's so much I want to watch on Netflix, and yet instead chose very poorly last night and watched The Kissing Booth on there - what a load of tripe! πŸ˜‚

TrashKitten10 Sun 10-Feb-19 17:13:58

@DayDreamer1707 Not to rub your face in it but we had a roast chicken dinner earlier and it was delicious. I probably have enough leftovers for all of you to be honest (DH mocks me for my love of keeping the fridge stocked with leftovers) ☺️

@starkid I know what you mean. I'm currently struggling with a really long commute on top of a stressful job but I don't want to get a new job and then have to go straight on maternity. But then I could struggle to get pregnant for months or years and regret not changing jobs sooner. I'm
stuck pondering what to do to be honest.

@AngeloMysterioso. Sorry to miss you off. Your body would be exceptionally mean to dump AF on you at Christmas and Valentine's! Crossing my fingers for a lovely romantic surprise.

@Jessikka They sound like really positive signs! Are you not going to test before AF due?

@MrsH497 Sorry you're feeling crap but hoping it's for a good reason

@19Bee2 Glad to hear you've had a lovely weekend. It's really frustrating but it's good you're being pretty chilled about things.

@thumper59 @starkid If you're looking for a good series, DH and I have been really hooked on Power and got through all 5 series in about a month

TrashKitten10 Sun 10-Feb-19 17:16:03

What atrocious tagging in that post blush

BostonFern Sun 10-Feb-19 17:21:48

Good to hear from you @19Bee2 , and that you've had a productive weekend. I know what you mean about seeing other babies, my ovaries ache when I spend time with friends/families little ones. I have to keep telling myself that my time will come in the future. If you liked parks and rec try the US version of the Office (if you haven't already done so). Also very easy to binge watch!

thumper59 Sun 10-Feb-19 17:40:08

Arghhhhhhh just put the rest of dinner on, haven't bought no cauliflower and broccoli 😫😫 what a fail!!

MrsR16 Sun 10-Feb-19 19:04:26

Hello lovelies!! Gotta update all my stats, as I'm 26 today! πŸŽ‰ I'm also on cycle 7 now. Not had a positive OPK yet this cycle but I think I missed the peak. We'll see! I'm hoping to get some BDing in today 😜 xx

Jessikka Sun 10-Feb-19 19:07:03

Hey @TrashKitten10

Had my temps raised I probably would have tested but they are going down so not going to bother; think AF is coming - purely based on that. They're going down about .03ish each day atm. Went from 36.50 to 36.47 so it's slowly falling!

I think the nausea may be because the progesterone is dropping? not sure. My Cm is definitely increasing though not decreasing... hmmπŸ€” could change tomoz though πŸ˜‚

I'm going to test Sunday when I'm 1 day late if AF doesn't get me Sat!

Jessikka Sun 10-Feb-19 19:14:22

Happy birthday @MrsR16 πŸŽ‚ πŸŽ‰

Hope you had a lovely day... and an even better night πŸ˜‰ x

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