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Help! Can anyone decipher my husband's semen analysis results?!

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FredAdair Wed 04-Jul-07 12:52:53


My husband and I have been ttc no 2 for about 2 years, with 2 mcs in spring and winter of 2006. We're now under a reproductive medicine unit and have recently had tests done. They have sent us the basic clinical reports and, since we won't be seen until the autumn, I wondered if any of you had some idea of the bottom line on these results - good, bad, dreadful, etc - and advise if we can do anything to get them any better? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

The form says:

Abstinence: 3 days
Semen Vol.: 3ml
Time Lapse: 20 mins
Sperm Conc.: 24 x 10 (6) ml (ie little 6 above the 10)
Motility: 40% poor - mod progression
Abn. Forms: 78%
Mar Test: Negative
pH: 7.9

cellular debris +

Obviously I will go to my gp but any help from you on what this actually means would be brilliant. If it's not good news, please don't shy away from saying.... I got my report back yesterday and it says I have borderline PCO so I think we're both 'in this together' as it were. Thanks.

1Wish Wed 04-Jul-07 13:05:24

I could be wrong, but from what i recall from my dp semen results, your husbands look pretty good. I can't deciper the actual volume to give you a count but it all looks normal.

It means of whatever the count was -

60% are good movers!! (need at least 40%)

22% are normal shape (over 15% is considered normal, my dp was only 2%)

So as long as the total count was over 20 million i would say that's a good result.(below 20 million is considered a low result) Ofcourse im sure your gp will know more.

Good luck

FredAdair Wed 04-Jul-07 13:12:32

Thanks so much for answering 1wish. Any clue as to the bit about 'wbc+"?! The odd thing is that the form doesn't mention the actual count. Am now wondering if I have an incomplete form (although, it doesn't look that way). Would a sperm count definitely have been done do you think? If so, perhaps I could all them for a little more info.

MatNanPlus Wed 04-Jul-07 13:20:50

wbc ?= white blood cells?

might be useful

AttilaTheMeerkat Wed 04-Jul-07 13:25:36

WBC is white blood cell Assay.

The White Blood Cell Assay (WBC) is useful in quantifying the number of certain leukocytes (WBC’s) in a semen sample. The test can distinguish these WBC’s from the general population of Round Cells (RC) typically reported out in a semen analysis assay. Most human ejaculates contain some leukocytes, with the predominant cell type being the neutrophil. A high concentration of WBC’s (leucocytospermia) may indicate the presence of an infection in the reproductive tract. Furthermore, high concentrations of these cells can have detrimental effects on the semen, including reduction in volume, sperm density, motility, and forward progression. WBC’s can also impair sperm function as a result of the various reactive oxygen species they may release, along with possible secretions of cytotoxic cytokines. The impact of WBC’s can depend on the site at which they enter the semen, the type involved, and their state of activation. The granules in neutrophilic polymorphic WBC’s contain peroxidase, which together with hydrogen peroxide form free water and oxygen ions. The oxygen ions oxidize benzidine which then colors brown, thus staining the cells brown. The WBC stain also contains a red contrast reagent to differentiate peroxidase positive round cells from peroxidase negative round cells. Since the WBC concentration is based on the sperm density, a Complete Semen Analysis assay should be ordered along with this assay.

I think your husband needs repeated sperm analses asap; one test is not fully conclusive in that regard.

You ought to be seen far sooner than autumn as well if at all possible.

Borderline PCO as a term is misleading; you either have PCO or you do not. Both of you should be looked at and tested as a couple.

1Wish Wed 04-Jul-07 13:29:32

Hi fredadair im afraid i haven't got a clue what the wbc+ means

I would just say though if this is a test from your gp there often hard to understand and seem incomplete.

My dp had one done through his gp, and when we took it to our consultant at the infertility clinic, he chucked it away and put us in for another one. He said he couldn't make head nor tail of what it actually meant!! The follow up ones were alot more indepth and complete.

If you get refered to see a specialist the first thing they do is make you re-take every test you've had done at the gp's anyway, semen, bloods etc, which makes you wonder why you bothered in the first place!!

FredAdair Wed 04-Jul-07 13:39:41

Attila, you really know your stuff. I will speak to my gp and ask her whether she can nudge the reproductive unit for a re-test - it was their test clinic so I'm assuming they will be 'happy' with the scope of the test, so not sure whether they'll want him retested. Do you have any thoughts on the rest of it or do you think 1wish gave me a fair idea of things? Thanks

FredAdair Wed 04-Jul-07 14:44:02

thanks 1wish - yes, the level of knowledge between gp and specialist is amazing. But these tests have taken place on the say so of the specialist so hopefully they are extensive enough. Just looking at the percentage for abnormal forms looks pretty high to me, at 78%, so I suppose I'm a little concerned at that and, of course, the wbc.

rattling Wed 04-Jul-07 16:17:10

I think the sperm count is either 24 million (24 x 10 to power 6) which is fine, or that many per ml, which makes 72 million and is great

rattling Wed 04-Jul-07 16:18:15

I was also surprised at the number of abnormals they expect - more than 15% normal is good.

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