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Access Diagnostics coupon codes

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bluebell82 Mon 02-Jul-07 11:44:43

Hi All

Have just had an email come through will some discount codes on.. pg tests are cheap on here anyway so now they are even cheaper!!!!

Discount coupons 5% and 10%

Can be used on and

Spend over £5 on goods and use this coupon code SUM5%

Spend over £150 on goods and use this coupon code SUM10%

Please feel free to pass our coupon codes onto family and friends, chat groups etc

Coupons valid until end of August 2007.

One coupon per order

Coupons can be used multiple times

To use coupon code enter the code exactly as it is typed above and then click update

goingfor3 Mon 02-Jul-07 11:45:16

I just copied and pasted mine and was about to post it on here!

derah Mon 02-Jul-07 12:00:30

I got mine yesterday (same ones) but forgot to post them - good job someone has more of a brain than me!!

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