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age gaps

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fairygirl3 Sun 01-Jul-07 20:49:29

i hav 3 kids aged 9,8 & 18 months & am in a real 1st 2 were by a different dad then my baby by my now husband,having had 2 close together then such a big gap i feel like i should hav another to keep the little 1 company as feel guilty bout him bein on own but then it will mean the others have less time / £ etc,cant say im feeling broody but its a decission i need to make or will be a big gap again,hubby dont mind either way,what r other peoples experiences about their up bringings & age gaps wiv their siblings ?

tess01 Mon 02-Jul-07 16:28:24

My dd is nearly 15 and really hated being an only child, she always craved a brother or sister. I met someone already with children of similar ages which made her happy. Between me and dp we also have a ds who is 3 and i felt the need to give him a brother or sister he could grow up with, this being because of dd being so unhappy being on her own, so i do have another on the way. At the end of day thou only you and dp can decide whats best for your family, at the end of the day the 18month old is not an only child. Saying that there is also alot of people to who grow up happy to be only children

fairygirl3 Mon 02-Jul-07 16:57:04

thanks,i know he will never b on own as the others will always care 4 him,but having had the joy of watching my other 2 grow up together i feel bit sad about him playing dens in the garden on his own whilst the others will b young adults,i also worry that if u hav a young st on their own wiv big age gap that u tend to baby them too much & that causes tension with the other kids,i think ive made my mind up to start ttc soon & just hope the broody bit kicks in when get preg.

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