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TWW after home insemination

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Freezerbump Sat 19-Jan-19 17:40:14

Hi all,

Having been a lurker for years I've finally taken the plunge and have home insem via Cryos. And am in TWW.

Am now 6dpo.. 26-28 day cycle, I ov usually 11days before AF, solid smiley for 2days before neg.
insem day of and day after pos this month.

Anyone else in the same boat? I think I'm driving myself mental!

1dpo to 4dpo nausea and pinches in the ovary area

5 dpo, woken by af type cramps but in the centre of uterus area, not as bad as normal af pain (I suffer quite a lot) and gone during the day.

Tongue feels dry, not dehydrated but feels weird.

Weeing often and no.2 (sorry tmi) about 3 times a day which is peculiar.

Snotty and sneezy, but don't feel ill apart from getting a sweat on doing the hoovering and weirdly hanging the washing out..

So I'm convinced I'm going mental and being overly conscious.. first time trying do would be a flipping miracle if it worked!

Please help convince me I'm not the only loony out there!

Claireb2203 Sat 19-Jan-19 18:22:53

Hi @Freezerbump. My neighbour has done the same as you ttc her 2nd child. Hers worked 2nd time around.
I'm 6dpo AF due 27th. I've had similar symptoms too but also weird dreams. Last night had very sharp pain below belly button for few minutes too. This morning tingling sensation in boobs. I stupidly did a test because I'm so impatient even though I knew nothing would show up 😂.
Fingerscrossed for us

Freezerbump Sat 19-Jan-19 19:01:30

@Claireb2203 I think I'm driving myself bonkers... I'm working for the next 6 days so I'm going to try and resist until then, have myself set for a good 3 rotations, will put me in a right flap if it happens first time!

Keep poking my boobs to see if they hurt.. 🙄

Claireb2203 Sat 19-Jan-19 19:28:47

@Freezerbump, me too. My boobs are normally killing me by now leading up to AF but at the moment apart from a tingling sensation there not really hurting which is weird. Bit of stretchy feeling down below lower down. And the dreams I've been having are so weird and vivid. Wish I hadn't tested this morning, made me realise how much I want it now

Freezerbump Sat 19-Jan-19 19:42:31

@Claireb2203 I don't normally dream to be honest, but last night along with weird af type cramps I dreamed of peeing (a lot) on sticks... mind you, also had to get up for a wee at 0530 so may have been that!

I was quite chilled about it all to be fair but now it feels like I'm watching every move my body makes, I've no idea if this always happens and I just don't pay attention or not anymore!

How about a pee pact?

Claireb2203 Sat 19-Jan-19 20:30:03

@Freezerbump yes good plan!
A lot of the signs we get if pregnant are pretty much the same as when AF is coming which is a bit cruel because people get their hopes up. But hopefully this will be our month and first time trying for both of us 😊🤞

Freezerbump Sat 19-Jan-19 20:32:49

@Claireb2203 I know, sucks doesn't it!

My af due 26th, the same as you I think.. can you wait that long?!

Claireb2203 Sat 19-Jan-19 20:55:18

Not really but don't want to be disappointed getting a negative. If AF arrives I know without having to test. With dd I had no sign of being pregnant apart from missed period and positive tests. Even at 12 week scan didn't feel pregnant until she started kicking, it's so weird. So really we could both already be pregnant, time will tell x

Freezerbump Sun 20-Jan-19 10:49:49

@Claireb2203 indeed, my fingers are crossed for you smile

Freezerbump Fri 25-Jan-19 18:45:56

@Claireb2203 hi lovely, any news your end yet? I stupidly poas a couple of day's ago bfn so have given up a bit this month and chilled out, thought af was coming last night, then it just went... I think she's playing with me now!

Claireb2203 Sat 26-Jan-19 06:15:00

Hi @Freezerbump well I've had a few very faint lines of different tests so fingers crossed. Af due tomorrow but want to do a digital but don't want to be disappointed with a negative if it's too early. When is your af due. U can get period symptoms she pregnant when the egg is attaching itself so don't give up yet xx

Freezerbump Sat 26-Jan-19 11:10:41

@Claireb2203 Oo congratulations! How exciting for you! I think I'm out, light af seems to have turned up so onwards and upwards! X

Claireb2203 Sat 26-Jan-19 14:42:44

@Freezerbump that can happen in pregnancy though. Give it a few days and test again xx

Claireb2203 Sun 27-Jan-19 07:56:18

@Freezerbump got a positive today on cb digital! I'm in shock, first month of trying still feel like I'm dreaming xx

Freezerbump Sun 27-Jan-19 11:56:26

@Claireb2203 yaaaaaaaay! Congratulations lovely, and so it begins! I'm defo out this month I think, planning for next cycle!
May you have a happy and healthy 9months chick xx

Claireb2203 Sun 27-Jan-19 12:57:40

@Freezerbump thank you still in shock I think! Good luck for next month. Keep me updated xx

Freezerbump Mon 28-Jan-19 13:20:10

@Claireb2203 will do! X

Freezerbump Tue 05-Mar-19 11:08:35

Right, after a pause due to carpet and drains emergency next shipment is en route..... how's everyone?

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